I should point out that Trump did say that the vaccine would be “only for those who wanted it” and as of now it seems to be nothing more than pure speculation that his plan to use the military to distribute the vaccine was part of a secret plan to actually force it upon everyone. So other than that admittedly valid inference, I’ve yet to see any further evidence that Trump intends on making a vaccine mandatory. If Biden-Harris get into the White House, forget it, I’d absolutely validate these concerns, but I’ve yet to see such solid verification of this subversive secret agenda of Trumps.

That being said, don’t forget about the big surprise that Trump has been promising for everyone on the heels of the election. A big surprise that I’m pretty sure is this grand revaluation event and release of the St. Germaine funds to everyone. But don’t think that all that money isn’t going to come with any contingencies.

Aside from being forced to switch over to a 100% cashless block-chain based currency system, I think another one of the stipulations in order to access the funds may very well be taking their vaccine. Along with an accompanying bio-chip implant and/or Luciferaise identification marker that would be etched on the surface of your skin, or perhaps embedded underneath it. Yes, the “Mark of the Beast”. You hadn’t forgotten about that, had you?

Let’s see how much you still love uncle T after finding out that taking a mark, switching over to cashless based block-chain currency system and allowing the injection of a toxic, DNA mutating vaccine is the only way that you’d be allowed to gain access to all that cash that’s sitting there waiting for you from your other evil uncle St. Germaine.

I know a lot of people out there may be nieve to this, but I know damn well that all you regular readers of mine know that there is no way that this looming revaluation and release of the St. Germaine cash was going to come contingency-free.

This stuff SUCKS. I hate having to write about it. I really do. But we don’t lie to ourselves around here. You can go over the lamestream outlets if that’s what you’re looking for.

Source: By. Mac Slavo | SHTFplan.com | September 16th, 2020


By Mac Slavo -September 18, 2020


Earlier today, the Trump administration released its plans to vaccine everyone in a short time.  Three potential vaccines are currently in Stage 3 trials in the United States and could be ready in weeks, President Donald Trump said Tuesday.

Time is running out. And Trump has the military lined up and ready to distribute this vaccine to the public, whether you want it or not. The plan is to distribute the vaccine first to health care and other vital workers, as well as those most vulnerable (likely the older populations). After production ramps up, it will be made available to all Americans who want it. If you decide you don’t want it, don’t worry, the military will help convince you.

The Department of Defense and federal health agencies have outlined plans for a coronavirus vaccine, which includes having them available for free for all Americans. We have warned that the DoD is about to become the enemy of the public. Instead of committing terrorism abroad, they will be going that here. Prepare yourself.

The Pentagon & CDC Will Join Together To Mass Distribute The COVID Vaccine

This toxic concoction will also be “free.” The government says they will foot the bill (borrow money from the Federal Reserve) to get everyone vaccinated, according to the Watauga Democrat. take our poll – story continues below

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“Preparing for the implementation of the safe and efficacious COVID-19 vaccine programs is a critical next step in the efforts to protect Americans and reduce the impact of COVID-19 and restore our normal way of life,” Centers for Disease Control and Director Dr. Robert Redfield said Wednesday, according to CNN.


The plans came in the form of a report to Congress and a “playbook” for states and local governments, according to the Associated Press and Fox News. The agencies are looking at January for a potential beginning of a vaccination campaign, although it remains possible that this could come later this year.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s playbook, the vaccination campaign will be “much larger in scope and complexity than seasonal influenza or other previous outbreak-related vaccination responses.”

President Trump said in a “Fox & Friends” interview Tuesday that a vaccine could be approved “in a matter of weeks.”

Time is almost up. Once this vaccine gets into your bloodstream, you cannot take it back out. This one is different from every other vaccine made, and it’s going to be necessary if you want to get groceries or leave your house. Mandatory or not, they will do what they can to convince you to take this vaccine.

Stay alert and be prepared.

Courtesy of SHTFplan.com