GENESIS: Paradise Lost

I’m not sure how anyone can look at the evidence that’s presented in this documentary and still decide to cling to the absolutely assinine scientific theories of evolution and Darwinism(They hate Christians, that’s how, but that’s a separate issue). They do a brilliant job outlining all the very complex processes of geology, genetics and various other natural processes of thermodynamics and physics and how the mainstream academic establishment is out of their minds for still clinging to Darwinism. But forget all that. It can be boiled down to one very simple principle and fallacy of logic.

Nowhere in any natural process do we see life form from non life. We only see existing living processes leading to another. So how can we possibly infer that the inception of life can be attributed to a process that involved something that exists in a non living state somehow manifesting itself into a living one? Its outrageous. I like to use the following analogy: To imply that cellular life spontaneously manifested from a soup of non living amino acids into the complex workings of a single celled lifeform, would be like implying that if given enough time and chances to repeat, you could yield a fully assembled and working 747 jet aircraft in the debris path of a tornado if you passed that tornado through a junk yard enough times.

Its nuts, and frankly insulting to the human race that we still teach that bafoonery in our schools. I don’t care if you are from the secular world. There HAS to have been a creator. I’m sorry that so many people have evolved into raging Godless atheists. But that doesn’t give you an excuse to keep pushing a straight horseshit scientific paradigm, all because you hate the idea of a God and would be forced to admit that us Christians you hate so much were right all this time. Live with it and stop being jackasses. Darwinism is DEAD as a door nail. It’s lying right next to John Brennan in hell. It’s done.