I just had to point out a couple of these examples of both the shocking youth preservation properties of Adrenochrome and the rapid onset of aging that takes place when you lose access to your supply. This example of Cher I found to be particularly mind boggling. She, no joke, looks like she’s 24 when she’s really 73!!!!!! My goodness. I know that there might have been some touching up done to the pic and certainly a lot of heavy, very expensive makeup and foundation, but still.

Personally I don’t think Celine Dions pretentious French Canadian ass(the Canadians in Montreal were always so nasty to Americans whenever I visited) was ever attractive, even on the Adrenochrome. But that doesn’t make her transformation any less shocking.

Conspiracydailyupdate.com has put together a great a very comprehensive post that outlines all these celebrities who have been enduring Adrenochrome withdrawal since Trump came around and most are dead by now. Yay!

This guy Brian Robert Hyland really does a lot of work putting together these updates and collecting info from all over. FULL ARTICLE

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