Remember that most stores have a policy where after the employee has asked the shopper once to put on a mask and they refuse, they are advised not to try pressing the matter any further and to just move on. This is because the executives know how much of a legal liability the situation could create from attempting to force something upon someone that they have no legal right to try imposing.

This has been quite a common occurrence for me. Having to deal with the mask-nazi Trump Deranged psychopaths who come sprinting up to you in public and proceed to throw hissy fits and attempt to shame those who happen to have still-functioning brain tissue and fully realize just how fraudulent this Coronavirus narrative truly is. I’ll admit that my responses early on were not my proudest moments.

But since my early overreactive responses, I’ve had time to reformulate my strategy and have seen lots of a great suggestions on Twitter from others who have also had to deal with this unfortunate “new normal” that the occultist powers-at-be have saddled our society with.