This should give you viewing material for months. I’m not going to plead, beg, scold or shame anyone into waking up and opening their eyes to what’s really going on in this world & the harrowing esoteric agenda of “the elites”. Those of you infested with pretentious secular hatred and/or have been so heavily programmed that you think your too smart to listen to anyone and don’t wanna hear it, you, are unfortunately a lost cause. I know that now. But there are still plenty of you out there who are still salvageable and willing to finally, at this last minute, hear-out those who have been desperately trying to get your attention for a while now and give you the raw truth that you need to hear. Raw truth that may seem too incredible and horrifying for many to believe at first, but hearing it out none the less, and ultimately coming to accept this harrowing reality, no matter its implications and potential to shatter your still dangerously nieve world view.

I don’t know everything. Not even close. Anyone who claims to is full of it. This is a constant and fluid learning process. But what I do know is that our non human overlords have been manipulating humanity to abandon God and to unwittingly consume ourselves with their fake parasitic world for a long time now. All to serve THE malevolent power of this earth, HaSatan(Baal, Lucifer, Haddes, Beezlebub, Enki, Enlil, Kukuklan/Quatzecoatl & many more). They’ve been doing this since the beginning of time and have no plans on stopping. In fact, they are about to reach their long planned climax and long anticipated battle against God/Isa(Immanuel/Jesus) when he returns alongside the Mahdi. These ancient and malevolent forces will end up getting most of us to fall for it. “It” being the lie that there is no God or Satan and that humans are completely mortal and the notion of the afterlife as being nothing but a fairy tale. But not all. Not all of us have or will fall for this load of crap. Not so long as I’m able to influence the last few of you out there willing to listen.

I’ve also come to realize that there are far too many Christians(and Muslims & Jews) who seem to look at their faith as nothing more than a tradition. They get all dressed up, go to their respective religious services, claim to be Bible/Torah/Quran believing followers of the one and only creator-God and go through all the motions they’re expected to. Yet when you bring up the harrowing supernatural agenda of the ruling class, you get dismissed as some kind of radical zealot. I’m not quite sure what to say to that other than, “OPEN YOUR EYES“. The proof is all around us.

Muslims, Christians and REAL Jews(not Talmudists or Babylonian Zionists) all worship the same single creator-God and have the same common enemies. Secularism, HaSatan and The AntiChrist Dajjal with his army that he is in the process of summoning at this very moment. Yet most of us don’t acknowledge or approach this harrowing & imminent threat the way we need to. It’s time to clean up our acts and unite. Please….

*I found it particularly interesting that everywhere I went on YouTube, Part 3 of “The Arrivals” was missing. It was titled “Childrens Mind Control”. You can view it at the following page. Funny how now matter what I did I was unable to embed the video here. Even after manually uploading it myself and going as far as to convert it to a format I know works.

Many of you have likely already seen these documentary series from Noreagaa, Achernahr Productions/TheWakeupProject. I’m sure a lot of you have seen at least parts of their wildly popular Anti-Christ Dajjal is a Reptilian Shapeshifter web series. If you haven’t, you really need to watch all of their Documentary series in full in order to understand what the heck I’m talking about half of the time. Yes, I know the creators are Muslim. And I am still a Christian. But you must realize that they are on our side. You must come to understand this in the same way Noreagaa brought me to understand. We(Muslims, Christians & REAL Jews) are on the same side and always have been. We have been purposefully taught to forget this reality and instead instigated to hate one another by this common enemy. This paradigm of religious, tribal and secular hatred must stop.

You will have a much better understanding as to why I am always calling “them” parasites. “The Matrix” and the idea of humans being literal batteries whose energy is being harvested, is not as far from reality as you may want to acknowledge. This was one of the reasons Godgevlamstes “Crater Earth” & “Parasitic Holographic Reality” theory resonated so much with me.

Architecture of Energy | The Arrivals Part 5

The Arrivals (1080p) | FULL | This was the highest quality version I could find. Part 12 loses its audio halfway through, so use the version for that part. Otherwise it’s good.

All these series are all in English. Don’t be scared by the titles and subtitles. There’s months of watching here.