They sure do love their father HaSatan. Or “the rainman” as most celebrities prefer to call him. They love wearing their Baphometic masks to honor him.

They LOVE him. The same way a Christian like myself loves God and the Messiah. They love HaSatan.

These masks are also a way for them to pay tribute to the Baphomet. Acknowledging the genderless demonic inverts they have transmutated themselves into in order to host the legion spirits.

These are just a few of the many ways they ritualistically honor their father and his army of fallen angels. The very source of their occultic earthly powers. This is his domain after all. Earth. HaSatan and the legion spirits who follow/are him, will give you all the earthly power you desire. All you have to do is submit much of your free will and your soul to these malevolent forces and they will “bless” you with all the power, wealth and status you desire.

He is able to dupe so many into falling for this scam by asserting to them that men are completely mortal and that there is nothing waiting for them in the afterlife. Heaven or Hell. While others, like Kobe Bryant for instance, are told they will receive special “Son of Satan” status in the afterlife upon their death. Ruling over earth, side by side with Satan.

Its downright shocking that anyone falls for either of these fraudulent narratives. Unfortunately for them, they end up finding out is that there is very much an afterlife and these demonic celebrities all go and burn in perpetual agony in the depths of hell just like the rest. With no special status or privilege.




Democrat presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke has been caught on video wearing a satanic “devil goat” costume complete with creepy horns. 

In the bizarre clip, O’Rourke performs an apparent occult ritual on stage whilst wearing a baphomet Goat Head Mask. reports: The media is now desperately trying to spin the emerging video as a comedy band gimmick, claiming the mask is a “sheep” mask, not the symbol of Baphomet, which is tied to Satanism and the occult.

Here’s a video still from Beto’s on-stage performance, where he appears in a bizarre onesie suit, wearing this mask that resembles Devil-worship goat masks (see below for examples):

Although the entire establishment media is now desperately trying to paint Beto’s dark past as a harmless band gimmick, the mask he wears  strongly resemble Devil-worship goat masks known as “Baphomet,” similar to the one below:

Here’s another shot of Beto’s band, all wearing bizarre animal masks:

Notice, too, that Baphomet and Devil worship share a lot in common with the left-wing transgender movement.

Baphomet himself is an androgynous character as it is bearing the characteristics of both sexes: female breasts and a rod representing the erect phallus. Being Gay and Transgender is a very important for Satanists  as it represent the image of their god, Satan/Baphomet.

These satanix symbols routinely appear in on-stage performances of Satan worshipers who have sold their souls for money and fame.

Numerous Superbowl half-time performances have featured strong Satanic imagery, including performances from Madonna and Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga with baphomet Horns Hat.

Image associée

Beyon Flashing the Pyramid Satanic sign. This sign is one of the most common sign used by celebrity who have soled their souls to the devil and you can see it everywhere.

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Another very mainstream satanic sign is the “666” hand sign…and no it doesn’t mean you are “Ok” or “3 Points”. This are just covers, the real meaning behind this sign is the number of the beast “666”

We often see celebrities doing this sign while puting their hand of one of their eye to symbolize the all seing eye ( the eye of horus ). of they just put one hand on one eye leaving one eye visible.

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The left-wing media, which already has zero remaining credibility after publishing a series of utterly fabricated fake news stories about President Trump, the Covington Catholic School children and countless other topics, is now desperately trying to paint Beto’s Baphomet mask display as a kind of satirical prank. Their cover story? The band members were impersonating a famous New Zealand band but had to keep their identities secret by wearing masks. Yeah Right….