Oh SciManDan. Maybe you should take a break for a bit and take some time to gather yourself and recalibrate your basket of mainstream paradigms that you so vigorously defend on the reg.

Take some time off and come back to try again later. This can’t be good for your health.

SKEWER SATURDAY: I Take The Time to Destroy “SciManDan” & One of His Brain-Dead Subs Who Made the Mistake of Ridiculing What I See as One of the Most Groundbreaking & Incredible New Theories by Godgevlamste & His “Crater Earth” Theory | + NEW “CRATER EARTH” EVIDENCE

What better excuse to keep talking about my beloved “Crater Earth” theory and present some of his latest finds than to feature it alongside my skewering of his cringy low-functioning mainstream shill dissidents on YouTube? Is it wrong of me to enjoy dismantling these people so thoroughly? I don’t want to make people feel bad…