I really like this channel. This woman posseses a cool, collected, moderate and responsibly insightful disposition, while still being highly persuasive and effective. That’s exactly the way I wish I could calm myself down enough to come across as. I just get too cranked up sometimes. We’re all different I guess. But I’m working on it.

This set of clips showcasing the most extreme of the Covidiot Mask-Nazis definitely got my heart racing. I’m not sure which one was most shocking. The woman who maced the couple was certainly bad, but I was most shocked by the SCREAMING lady at the beach who had to be restrained. There is definitely something to the theory that there is something that has been adjusted or altered about our electromagnetic spectrum that is triggering this behavior in those who are already susceptible via their mainstream programming and inherent “unhingability”. I can’t help but to find solace in tentatively accepting that as the only possible explanation as its hard for me to believe that someone could act like that on there own. But I know that’s not true. People are like that without any outside influences.

A part of me was upset with the woman who got maced for not retaliating and just sitting there and crying and taking it. But that’s crazy of me. I know. I can’t expect everyone to act out in the same way I would. You don’t wanna know what I would have done to that old lady. I just wish more people would stand-up for themselves and have more self respect. If we don’t fight for our freedoms, we will lose them. We already have lost quite a few and it’s only getting worse.