Joe was also caught adjusting something in his coat.


That’s GOLD Jerry! GOLD! Aaaahahaha.

I didn’t even care about the actual substantive parts of Trumps answers, this election was a wrap even before this blisteringly funny debate performance. What I did enjoy however, were the little quips, jabs and in some cases, brutal knockout uppercuts that Trump kept giving to Ol’ Joey B at the end of each round of questioning. I’m still laughing as I write this.

Luckily for Joe, the authentic human version of him that was capable of getting its feelings hurt was taken out of its misery and executed a while back. Looks more like a mercy kill after watching that shalacking. You can berate a synthetic or a temporary Robotoid all you want and nothing will affect it. It’s not a human with a soul & actual feelings you can tangibly hurt. Its just a simulation that uses complex emotion-mimicking algorithms. But that was still outrageously funny. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in the history of earth. Not the history of comedy, or the history of television and movies. The history of planet earth. I haven’t laughed out loud that much since seeing “Borat” for the first time out on a date at the cinema. A date that didn’t go too well because of my continuous outbursts.

You’re still only getting the version of me that is actually the much more reserved and moderate one until I am fully setup on my new overseas hosting setup. I’m trying not to get banned again on this temporary blog in the meantime.

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☝️This was a real tweet. I had to do a double take. I know libtards, I know, they’re just ipod headphones. Whoah….Pedo Joe is so down and hip with the kids. He has ipod earbuds just like me! He’s certainly down with the kids, that’s for sure.

Before the debate, his team backed out of the agreement to be checked for an earpiece beforehand! Where’s this high ground you claim to be standing on? Jokes on you dummy sheeple libtards.