Watching these people smother their own faces and the small faces and airways of their still developing(physically & psychologically) children with a moist, filthy rag, is not just nonsensical and unsanitary, it’s a form of abuse. Child abuse. If hell froze over and I happened to be one of these States Attorneys, I would start prosecuting these parents for child abuse for forcing these filthy garmets upon the faces of their children. Knock it off dummies. Is your hatred for the Orange Man really that overwhelming that you’re this willing to shove aside the well-being of your own kids, all for the sake of the continuity of your anti-Trump rhetoric?

Masks are useless, mind control

Posted Tuesday, October 6, 2020 9:52 amBy Frank Gilbert

Masks are not effective tools for protecting against COVID. Much to the chagrin of the mask-wearing crowd, there is no statistically significant study that proves conclusively that wearing a mask protects you from COVID.

There are many doctors who have stated that masks don’t work. You won’t see these doctors in the mainstream media. Their voices are censored because special- interest groups benefit from the scare tactics provided by COVID.

It’s sad to see people wearing masks under the false impression that it makes them safe.

One more thing. I believe that wearing a mask is a mark of submission to governments that don’t care about your safety. They only care about controlling you.

Editor’s note: Frank Gilbert is a resident of Sun City West.