It’s one thing for the always despicable censor- happy YouTube to selectively promote and/or shadow-ban content that may go against whatever narratives they’ve been tasked with upholding. But it’s quite another for them to instantaneously ban a channel who made the mistake of honestly reporting on or discussing perfectly valid information about the “Koronavighrus” paridigm that might characterize the situation a bit differently(honestly & rationally) than YouTube might like.

Very popular channels have have gotten quickly banned soon after expressing such honesty, despite have 0 strikes leadingup to that point and not having violated any guidelines to begin with. All because they pointed out that certain aspects of the mainstream narrative may have been a bit overblown? A lot of them didn’t even go as far as I’ve been going by often belligerently calling it out as the complete scam that it is. They simply innocently pointed out some glaring inconsistencies between the actual data and the way the media has decided to portray it.

The Koronavirus is a scam. YouTube knows it, the lamestream media knows it, our local, state and federal government agencies know it, about 2/3 of the population knows it, but only about 1/10th of the will openly admit it(if that). That’s all there is to it.

Even if the official CDC statistics were a reflection of genuine, honestly-reported & recorded data that painted an accurate picture of a real and tangible viral outbreak(which it’s not). These fraudulently realized statistics(that they tabulated and made public), reveal a fatality rate significantly lower than the seasonal flu. Then, throw-in (1)the unmistakable reality that masks are a big fat counterintuitive, more-harmful-than-good, and wildly unnecessary measure, (2) the fact that they are also an obvious ploy to integrate the population into their occult ritual of transformation(an initiation ritual that most have no idea they are participating in), (3) the continuous overbearing and Draconian censorship efforts by social media & mainstream news outlets against anyone(doctors included) who dares attempting to truthfully inform the public about the reality of this supposed health-threat and the usefulness of the mask mandates, social distancing guidelines and lockdown protocols, and what we have here is a bona-fide, textbook example of a something known as a CONSPIRACY!

That’s right! The most over/misused and widely scoffed-at-by-“normies” word in the vocabulary of our brain dead, cringy post-modernism polluted populace. But in this particular case, it’s oh-so appropriate. A big, fat, super-obvious, over the top, arrogantly audacious CON-MOTHERFUCKING-SPIRACY. The most appropriate and fitting term for the neverending KoronahCon and very OK to use liberally to characterize this inanity.

When you got Tim Poole coming out to say as much, it’s a wrap folks. Its been a wrap for me since the first few weeks of this bullshit, but by now, if your still buying this crap about Koughvid being a bona-fide public health threat, your either in-on the scam, OR are so nuerologically damaged that your primary care physician has an obligation to uphold their Hippocratic oath and see that you are administered an emergency Psychiatric evaluation so that you can be properly diagnosed and officially institutionally recognized as the full-blown raging fucking retard that your are. This way your family can arrange to have you placed into a special-ed program or group home that can give you the help you need and keep you away from the rest of the population unless accompanied by a shaperone. You have no business continuing to be allowed to freely roam about in public and mingle-with/terrorize the rest of society without constant adult supervision so someone is there to stop you from being the liability that you are when you inevitably run into normal members of society.

If you think this is offensive, you should see how I handle the mask-Nazis who dare to say anything to me out in public.

We are at that point people. That wasn’t really even a joke. I’m not smiling. I used to be a camp counselor for mentally disabled kids. The Down Syndrome kids were absolutely charming and delightful. An absolute jolly bundle of joy those kids were and I would have eagerly jumped in front of a bus for any one of them. I can’t say the same about the sufferers of this Koughvidiocy syndrome however. These fucking sheepletards suffer from what is the most off-putting, anti-social, disturbing, narcistic, zombie-like disorder/syndrome I’ve ever seen manifest itself in human beings. Something needs to be done to get these people out of the general population A.S.A.P. because they’re an absolute fucking nightmare and I, along with many others, openly and privately, have long passed our breaking points and had more than enough of their bullshit and can longer stand by idly and watch them marr & molest our collective societal being and cultural norm.

I honestly can’t say what I might do next. When I encounter these people in public it’s as if loud circus music starts playing in my head and I become so enraged that it takes me a moment or two to gather myself before proceeding to unload my usual catastrophic barrage of facts and rationale that sends most of them quickly packing, trembling with their tails between their legs, red-faced and eager to get out of there as quickly as possible.

But I might not be able to be as calm and collected with my responses for too much longer. You should see the number of people who come up to me afterwards and adimately thank me for saying what they’ve wanted to for a long time.

I just don’t give a fuck and will take-on anyone when it comes to this shit. I’m like 200 and 0. Undefeated. Not a single fucking individual or institution(private) has succeeded yet in getting me to wear a mask in whatever establishment I’m in. Nobody has so much as attempted a single follow-up confrontation-effort after having seen what happened to the first challenger. Not once. It’s not that I’m that much of a super-badass when it comes to all/any genre of discourse or topic. I just happen to have a boatload of facts and logic on my side in this particular case. It’s a joke how easy it is. Anyone can do it armed with the same facts and indisputable rationale.

Walking around, asserting your right to impose your cringy, thoughtless will on the rest of humanity in the name of an embarrassingly obvious fraud of a narrative is not a good look. Even the CDC’s very own made-up, wildly inflated statistics reveal the extent to which the threat of infection or sickness has been exaggerated and mischaracterized by the mainstream powers-at-be. That alone should be enough to show them how crazy they are being. Yet it doesn’t matter at all to them. Not even a little.

Masks induce infection you useless dumb dumb dummies! They don’t prevent the spread or risk of infection of a damn thing.

Goodness gracious great balls of retard.

I’m going to have to start acting out against every single one of you KoronaCon peddlers in ways that will make you wish you had heeded my advice long ago and simply knocked it off. I don’t care how much you hate the orange man. This isn’t political!

This is your last warning. Scrap that. Warnings are over with.