I know some of you might be a bit off-put(to say the least) by the nature of some of my esoterically themed fear-porn’esqe posts about Big T & Q of late. I get it. I also don’t want to skip over the reality of the ongoing dismantling & prosecution of the Globalist Deep State actor agents that we know tried to destroy Trump.

Just because I’m honest with you all about my belief that much of what is happening is designed to lure us into an ultimate deceptive endgame trap, does not mean I think these Deep State figures aren’t indeed getting held to task by Trump. It very much is playing out the way Q and people like Deplorable McCalister are portraying it as behind the scenes and I’m as fascinated and also admittedly excited about the prospect of all these treasonous assholes finally getting their comeuppance. I promise to include more material like this moving forward. But that doesn’t change my stance on Q or T. Like I said, I still will vote for Trump. I have to. The DemonRats are that bad. I just want to try to prevent a lot of you all from following this narrative straight off a cliff and into the eagerly awaiting hands of HaSatan himself.

Doesn’t it at all concern you that Big T is so eager and willing to distribute a vaccine for a virus that we all know is NOT dangerous, but also likely NON-EXISTENT? The prevailing narrative of this as a real pandemic, which we all know is a big load of horse manure, is not something Big T has openly tried refuting. Sure, he’s downplayed the extent of the danger, and that’s good and all. So then why is he so gung-ho about using the military to dish out ENORMOUS quantities of their demon vax-juice? Think about it.

Source: By. Linda Paris aka Deplorable McCalister | McCalister TV Online | October 7, 2020

BOOM! The Highest Level TREASON Event In Modern History!

Posted by Linda Paris on October 7, 2020 at 8:10pm

BOOM! Indeed!  

This is an exciting time for people who have been waiting for more documents regarding the Spygate and the smelly pants emails.

Today, you geth information about the highest level of treason in modern history!

It looks like the storm that the White House is causing coincides with an actual Storm – or well, we call it Hurricane – Delta!  The declas is our delta?

You’ll also get the memes that provide great value, including the understanding of the FISA memo.

SpyGate UNLEASHED! 3Days3Nights More EPSTEIN ISLAND Horrors! PANIC!

Posted by Linda Paris on October 6, 2020 at 6:00am

My channel is finally back and I can now do my regular broadcast.  Thank you to all who followed the Redpilled Dog account, and if you have not yet subscribed, that is where i will be posting my videos in case something happens again to my channel.

Anyway while I was away from my channel, I discovered Threadreader. It’s good information, but who knows … THEY censor everyone with good information!

Do you know why they censor?  They don’t have an argument…  They are guilty! 


They can just laugh it off, but no, they shut you down.  And that is what guilty people do!  They feel a threat.  

So moving to the Gateway Pundit, there is this teacher caught on video abusing a student for supporting President Trump then lies to the parents when asked about it!

This punk should not be anywhere in the education system.  How dare you!  If I was around, I would probably put an aquanet hose in his nose!  People bringing their personal politics to the school system should not be allowed!

And as usual, there is another headline of a [D] who asked for a ballot for  his dead wife and says he is not doing anything wrong.  Feel free to call them dumb but I want to be nice, they are just intellectually handicapped.  I don’t know, you decide.

There is more news to cover, including the White House being infected with the virus. 

You need to dig in.

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