Some call it a religion. I call it a “syndrome” or neurological and/or social disorder. Either way, it’s a problem. Let’s leave it at that.

The way so many people can just ignore scientific & statistical reality and decide to go with what their television sets tell them instead is a baffling phenomenon and something I have yet to discover a truly effective means of combating. I have already been forced to concede that there is going to be a huge swath of the population that will remain loyal to this delusion all the way up until the very end and will follow this fraudulent KoronahVirus narrative right off a cliff and into the Abyss as the powers at be intend for.

It’s sad and frustrating, but it’s an unfortunate reality and byproduct of the intense programming & indoctrination that’s been carried out through our public school systems and mainstream media apparatuses over the years. The sheer extent of the influence of this mind control mechanism is now rearing its ugly head and showing just how effective it was at imposing non-reality based biases and reinforcing assinine ideological foundries as we continue to deal with the KoronahVirus con-job and the increasing divide that we’ve seen between different social, cultural and political groups in our society.

Just look at some of the statistics brought up by Paul Watson showing how people think the virus has killed WAY more people than it actually has.


Source: Fay Voshell What should have been a purely scientific response aimed at control and cure of a disease quickly evolved into the political-religious cult of Covidism.  Objective scientific analysis of and responses to what is the contagious pathogen COVID-19 were almost immediately suffocated by a plethora of arbitrary pseudo-religious rituals.  The capitulation of the churches […]

The Cult of Covidism Has Invaded the Church — Nwo Report