Those bastards at CERN who opened the dimensional portal to the Abyss have surely been to blame for many of the increasingly common sightings of paranormal-like creatures and humanoids. These things have always been here, but I have a feeling that our recent meddling with powerful unknown forces, as well as the recent rise in Occult ritualistic activities that many of us have unwittingly participated in, is what’s responsible for so much of the craziness and for sightings like these.

I remember Steve Quayle & Tom Horn mentioning how in the area surrounding CERN in Switzerland the local authorities started getting reports of Giants and other weird creatures when they first fired it up. At the smaller particle accelerator at an American University it triggered a bunch of students to kill themselves when they first fired that one up.

This reminds me of the famous clip of the witch spotted in Mexico. They have flying humanoid encounters a lot down in Mesoamerica and this recent one in Arizona.

I promised myself I’d always make sure to include evidence along with any of the things I talk about in a post. I don’t delete anything. I always have the video saved somewhere.