A very stable, young CEO, has unprecedented paranoid schizophrenic meltdown, makes remarks to her parents about “the Matrix being real”, then is found dead shortly afterwards under very mysterious circumstances. C’mon now.

Source: The Frank Report | October 29, 2019

Was Erin Valenti Killed by the Very Brainwave Interface Technology She Sought to Expose?

October 29, 2019

Erin Valenti died after going through what appeared to be a manic episode. Her cause of death remains unknown.

For some, any suggestion that connects her seeking to expose the possible dangers of brainwave interface technology –  said to be being developed or developed already – and which could be called mind control technology – in any way to her death – is somehow akin to insulting her memory and the worst kind of baseless conspiracy theory.

The idea that she could be a martyr to the cause of warning others of the dangers of brainwave interface tech – of being in fact led to madness [and killed consequently] by this tech – is to the anti-conspiracy theory cultist – whose cult is debunking anything the establishment does not put its imprimatur on – is wild fantasy – utter conspiracy theory.

Those who question official versions – whether it is the death of Jeffrey Epstein, Seth Rich or John F. Kennedy, or the true cause of 9-11 – in the anti-conspiracy theory cultists’ mind – deserve to wear the tinfoil hat.

They say it is wrong to question the death of Erin Valenti.

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She purportedly had a manic episode and died, and this, to them, proves she must have died naturally; she got her own manic episode – all by herself. It wasn’t egged on by anyone and or any technology and to say otherwise makes one a supporter of wild conspiracy theories and is unfair to her memory.

Which may be true.

Yet, if technology exists, that Thomas Reardon or others developed, a tech that requires no drugs or implants that can interfere with someone’s thinking – remotely even – and prompt behavior – even to their destruction – even make people manic –  why is not valid to raise the point – not even so much about Erin Valenti – but that it exists and this is what could happen?

To use her death as a starting point for the discussion of the dangers of such a technology – getting into the wrong hands.

Maybe brainwave interface tech – if it exists – and surely it will someday – can interfere for, arguably, good – to help make manics calm – to quell murderous tendencies – or stop people from breeding the earth to extinction. What it is, or is said to be, could be used for good – according to what those in control of the tech decide is good.

Erin Valenti

And what if, in the name of good, it is used to make visionaries – with views not in agreement with the state or the people who control the state – into maniacs?  Or, if not maniacs, into docile lambs with no more vision.

No longer would the state have to imprison dissenters. Or suicide them. They could merely interface with their brainwaves and get their thinking going in the right direction.

Not to talk about this, not to at least bring up the point that a noted visionary died in a peculiar way – after she expressed concerns about such technology, is almost as foolish as to say we know – one way of the other – how and why Erin Valenti died.

Was there someone who wanted her dead? We don’t know. But merely to discuss it is not as they, the anti-conspiracy cultists, would have us believe; it is not some form of mania. Neither is it disrespect to the dead.

Erin may have died in the same way one might have died if there really is brainwave technology that could make a person crazy and she was a target.  There is no proof – as of yet.

Her death and what she seemed to be concerned about – and her descent into mania – could be coincidence. And maybe not.

But let us hear more on the topic.

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CTRL-labs Co-founder & CEO Thomas Reardon

Shivani first wrote about it for Frank Report and I found it fascinating. Her post was Are Thomas Reardon’s Experiments on ‘Brain Wave Interfaces’ Connected to Erin Valenti’s Death?

In the comments’ section, an anonymous someone, named Thunderman, who says he/she knew Erin, discounts every bit of it.

Thunderman wrote, “So the fact that Erin made a blog post (among hundreds of others) about Reardon’s work links him to her death? What a load of conspiratorial pablum.

“I knew Erin. She was curious, brilliant, visionary and wise well beyond her years. She talked and theorized about bleeding-edge technology and science (or pseudo-science) and its impact on mankind all the time.

“Her cause of death remains undetermined, and most people who had contact with her in the days before her death say she seemed to be going through some sort of manic episode.

“But to speculate, based on a couple of blog posts and cherry-picked quotes before her disappearance, that Erin was a guinea pig in some sort mind control experiment is laughably preposterous and frankly irresponsible pseudo-journalism. Her blog posts and comments before her death merely reflect the types of things Erin wondered and commented about all the time.”

Nice Guy, a regular commenter on this site, followed up with a thought of his own: “I personally find it disgusting that a mockery is being made of Erin’s death. I am sorry to Erin’s family and you.”

But is it mockery to investigate even the improbable – in the world of bleeding edge technology? The bleeding edge technology that some – including the visionary, the late Erin Valenti believed was possible – drug free, implant free, mind control – may have taken out Erin Valenti.

And maybe not.

I want to hear more on the topic. And if you don’t, please stop reading and move along to the next post.

For in this post, Shivani, who brought this topic to Frank Report, has replied to Nice Guy and Thunderman. Despite her rather adamant stance that she has the right to raise the topic and to “feel” even that there is more to the story – I want to hear her out.

By Shivani

A “mockery?” Maybe the moniker “Niceguy” is satiric prestidigitation, huh?

There has been no mockery, posting some of Erin’s final words, such as were available for me to read, as well as from my copying out the very words from the CTRL-labs propaganda linked by Erin to go worldwide.

Excuse me for paying attention to everything that’s happened to Erin and for emphasizing what she was saying. What a lot of nerve I must have. And so unapologetically. Mockingbird, mockingbird u so fly.

Be a jolly good gentleman and apologize a few more times, please? I understand that you stepped in to handle another imaginary magical thinking emergency. Was it a breech birth? Or did Bryn Mawr’s cheerleading coach call in sick? Or was someone under the weather from too much wincemeat or sufferin’ succotash?

I feel that Erin Valenti WANTED this uncomfortable design, scheme, arrangement, endowment outreach bragging that she found and noticed and had the character and the conscience and the education to comprehend, to come to light.

She seems to have been determined to expose even more of what she was learning, before she wasn’t able to give anymore. It mystifies me that more people who read here can seem to maintain so much obliviousness. After being exposed to Keith Raniere, the Bronfman’s enthusiastic support of his cause and his cockadoodle-doo. After Dr. Brandon Porter/mini-Mengele and Dr. Danielle Roberts and her cauterizing pen practices upon human, female flesh minus anesthesia.

I think that it’s quite possible that the young lady, Erin, might have known already then, right as she worked on that CTRL-labs disclosure, that her life was endangered. She might have been threatened and to have had cause to be alarmed and scared. She might have been hesitant about where to go and what to do. She might have been concerned that if she went home or to family that she’d risk that they could be harmed. Scientologists are not the only ones who use threats to harass and intimidate, and Nxivm’s criminal habits, as we know, are not exclusive to Nxivm.

It is okay with me that this sounds like science fiction crossed with a horror movie. It kinda is. This stuff happens in real life, though. It is not a spy movie, a superhero trilogy or something exhumed from Agatha Christie’s cupboard. This is Marvin Gaye’s territory out of What’s Going On?…before his father shot him down.

The mockery happening here is how people choose, decide, want and are easily persuaded to call Erin unstable and to jump like automatons onto that judgment call.

It does gives everyone so inclined an excuse and justification to ignore what she lost her life trying to tell others. Just call her last days of hardship and very likely devastation and despair some version of psychological or mental or emotional imbalance, and zip up the bodybag. Harsh. But why look back, eh?

This is where I stand. Not that you ever really need to give a rat’s ass. Just so you know.

I am pretty sure that Erin has been forced into silence. Go ahead and express your disgust. What the hell are you so afraid of, with all of your pussyfooting around? Death? Losing your Bishop’s headdress as ambassador of good etiquette? Really?

This is exactly what I see as having been done to Erin Valenti. Her life was terminated, in my opinion. She found out things and had the intelligence to interpret it. She knew too much and made the decision to speak up about it. Omerta came and took care of the situation via piggybank change, not very expensive. Ten or twenty thousand? A roundtrip vacation to the updated locale of Pedophile Island for one or two patrons of the arts of destruction? Chump change.

I still feel right now that Erin has been summarily and efficiently executed, with or without weaponry. Her death wouldn’t have been hard to fix to look like suicide. You have got to be aware of that trick by now.

Helping “the blind and the deaf,” evidently, is something I’ll keep working even harder to learn. All I can say about that for now, is I work better in person, face to face, than at writing compositions or submitting comments.

In the meantime, good wok, Niceguy, um, Dick Buttkiss. Probably best not to swallow very many prunes. “This is not a joking matter.” Nevertheless the prune swallowing reference plus the Buttkiss are intended as fondly yours.


Skipping Shivani’s evident pique at being called a mocker of Erin Valenti for raising a point – that Erin might have been murdered – she makes a point worthy of exploration: Erin may have been on to something and that is why she died.

I am interested in whether the very technology she was trying to expose was used against her.

But not to rush to judgement, or a conclusion, but because this is worth discussing – at length and deeply – for the promise of this technology is grave and for the most part, as I see it – it can only be used to harm humanity. Even if it is said to be used to “improve humanity ” or some selected kinds of humanity – if it is not used with the complete informed consent of the individual – it is akin to making a person a slave.

And even then, how would we know if the person gave informed consent – and that the consent was not secured through brainwave interfacing?

Who gets to decide how to use this? The inventor? The state? Or no one.  Let’s use logic and common sense here – and discuss this further.

Erin Valenti and Thomas Reardon are our starting points.

If this technology is developed – how do we safeguard against it – for if it is true – as Erin Valenti believed – it threatens to be the most deadly weapon in the history of the world.

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Brainwave interface could be the new law. Better than law. No more police force but brainwave force and controlled by those who know what is best. Just as in a police state the body is not free, in the state that uses a brainwave tech – no need to control the body – the mind itself is not free.