This KoronahVirus ceremonial Coronation & transformation ritual is drenched in Occultism. If I hear another person say, “I don’t believe in that kind of stuff“(whiney annoying voice)…. guess what? THEY[the elites] DO!!! Get your head out your ass and wake your dummy ass up! Luckily for you, the very few of us who have recognized this will be standing atop whatever small platform we may still have, screaming our heads off, hoping those very last few willing to listen will hear before you drag your young children or anyone else still looking to, or depending on you, down into the Abyss with you. I don’t have a single dog in this fight. I’ve had to admit things that have made me look like a jackass for anointing Trump as the savior that I now know he’s not. I’ve sucked it up and accepted reality. It’s time for everyone else to do the same.

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A demon derived from satan

It's Pan-DEMON-ium out there! @ Pandemonium Theatre Group


Pan-demon-ium = the palace of #satan


Pan was a goat demon idol that was worshiped as an oracle. Statues were erected everywhere along w/ a celebrated temple in Egypt. The goat-like form of the devil appearing in Pan-like form caused terror in those that thought to have seen him giving rise to the expression "panic"

This is in reference to Leviticus 17:7. I just find it to be interesting w/ the Panic and idol worship connection. I'm studying more on the golden calf with exegetical resources. God really took me down a rabbit hole and its exciting

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