Source: | Alien-News | October 11, 2020

Uncanny – Watch This Girl Next To Pope – Is She Reptilian? (video)

The following video is real.

It happened in 2010 when Pope Francis held a speech. Just watch the child on the left side of the pope, watch her eyes, her tongue.

This poor little girl is obviously oppressed or possessed. It’s not her fault. She’s just a child. It’s sad she was brought into this.

The alien hybrid anomaly shows up in the tongue, eyes, and teeth primarily. ..regarding the slits or the pope’s weird ring. The lick her lips.

Ufos and aliens are fallen angels (demons) and they are here. They are the same ones talked about in Genesis of the Bible and how they came to earth and mated with women and produced a hybrid race.

They are doing again on Earth. That is why the flood terminated them in Noah’s day. The earth is about to be destroyed again because of them. Nostradamus tells us about this planet. I have the truth in his writings.

Time is short. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!