OF COURSE Black Lives Matter. ALL Black Lives Matter.



Unlike the official “Black Lives Matter” organization, I don’t cherry pick the Black Lives that I chose to determine actually matter based on a particular slayings’ propensity to effectively paint a certain political faction or law enforcement agency in a bad light for the press. These choices made on which black lives matter most have clearly been made all for the sake of the political aspirations of the white liberal plantation owners who have instructed you all to go out and destroy American cities and attack innocent bystanders, dishing out handfuls of cash for good measure.

Paid protesters? They’re real — and a Beverly Hills firm that hires them stands accused of extortion in a lawsuit | L.A. TIMES

Where were ya’ll when Treyvon got hit? Who was out there holding Obama over the coals and demanding all this reformation for these perceived “racial injustices” for so many of these poor “marginalized people of color” back then? I didn’t see any of you mindless idiots with your white liberal collars on anywhere. Out on the streets protesting against these “injustices” that only now have conveniently manifested themselves during the reign of the Orange Man. So-called inequalities and racial biases that have conveniently intensified themselves to the point of ignition, reaching a critical state right at the tail end of the first term of a wildly popular Conservative President. A narrative of purported racism and ethically motivated abuses of power and unfair posturing of privilege by “whitey” that serve as both the armory for, and ammunition to, all the foaming at the mouth, uber-progressive post modern leftist rivals of this oh-so evil Orange Man.

If LeBron had actually read any of Malcom X’s books (like he likes to insinuate he does) he would have known how much of a jackass he makes himself look like by standing behind the left & engaging in all the political discourse he mindlessly does.

Malcom X warned us about this. He might as well have been a time traveller for how incredibly accurately he predicted exactly what the white liberals are in fact doing at this very moment. This despicable and hypocritical nonsense has been instigated by the same political faction responsible for the KKK and the Jim Crowe laws. The Democrats. The same faction that vehemently tried to prevent Lincoln from abolishing slavery. The Democrats. The same political affiliation that to this day, still falsely claims to have been behind the passage of the bulk of Civil rights & desegregation inspired legislation. The DemonRats. It was the Republicans, NOT the Democrats, who represented the majority of the votes needed to pass those Bills. It was the GOP that was responsible for getting signed into law. NOT your fraudulent liberal heros.

Democrats are the party of slavery, Jim Crow: This is the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow and the KKK,…-Courier Post | READ MORE

The truth hurts sometimes. Hillary Clinton might be one of the most evil women in recorded history, but she was a very cunning and high IQ individual and she was right on when she said, “You might be entitled to your own opinions, but you’re not entitled to your own facts“. Those are the facts. FACTS. (She was of course lying her ass off and in fact using her own facts against her own advice. But it still rings true).

The name of the game is hypocritical dishonesty and the main player is and always has been the DemonRat party. Get off the damn liberal plantation while you still have your sanity. They’ve been imprisoning any and all people of any ethnic and socioeconomic background within the confines of their liberal prison block for a long time now. Keeping their mostly unwitting victims trapped inside an echo chamber of self-importance, irrational victim procurement, state welfare dependence, genderless, Godless, and anti-family innuendo that keeps their cycle of hate, divide and helplessness churning along. Ensuring they can continue to keep clutching onto the positions of power that they know they don’t deserve. Screw those guys. Dead it. They’ve made the mistake of thoroughly exposing themselves as the hateful, intolerant and despicable ass clowns they truly are as we’ve watched them literally burn cities to the ground, incite chaos, hoax hate crimes and kidnappings, and all while audaciously trying to blame the other side.


They’ve exposed themselves. There is no turning back for them. They took the bait. All it took was a popular Orange Man and a bunch of secret arrests and executions of them and all their friends in Hollywood that are also part of their little club of hate, for them to show their true true colors and lash out like they have. Now they must pay.

Student’s Remarks Illustrate Growing Black Disenchantment With Liberalism | THE WHITE LIBERAL IS NO FRIEND OF THE BLACK RACE

The ritual suicide of the left is almost complete. You don’t want to be stuck on the plantation when they decide to burn it down and take everyone with them because that’s what their gearing up to do. You need to get out while you still can. I’m not telling you to go and start blindly supporting the other side either. Have a mind of your own. It doesn’t always have to involve total and complete loyalty to all the supposed positions of the mainstream political establishment of a particular political affiliation. They are part of the problem to begin with. Look at me. I call Trump and Q Occultists but still vehemently support most of their political stances and will be voting for Big T when it’s time to do so. (Even though our votes likely matter little, if not at all. Separate issue).

It’s time to stop putting so much trust into these men and women in positions of power with loyalties to God knows who and what, and start putting your trust in God instead. Everything else will work itself out after that. Fuck em.

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