Why wasn’t the attacker immediately arrested right there on the spot? The cops were right there? Cmon guys. Don’t make me go back to only referring to you as pigs like I used to.

If anybody has ever deserved a GoFundMe campaign its this guy. Being a black Trump supporter is dangerous business. Soros & Pelosi have let their imprisoned libtard slaves from ANTIFA & BLM leave the confines of the liberal plantation where they had been keeping them and have unleashed them upon the public. Setting them loose with the intent of inflicting vicious unadulterated damage upon their rivals. Trump supporters are target #1, but anyone else who gets in their way also must contend with their sick & brutal wrath.

“Sucker-Punchers” are some of the lowest forms of life. Right there with Pedophiles, Crisis Actors, Leftists, Atheists & Occultists. David Dobrick fans are pretty lame too.

So while these mindless & obedient thugs are often wildly indiscriminate with their carnage, this incident illustrates how they go extra hard against black Trump sympathizers. I guarantee you they get paid bounties for each “Trumpster” they successfully inflict real damage upon. I know all about the danger these black Trump sympathizers have to deal with. I’ve managed to convince all my black friends to denounce the Democrat party and liberalism in general and they have since had to contend with all kinds of insanity. Insanity that I’ve seen first hand and it’s not pretty. (I got one of these incidents on camera, but they won’t let me release it publicly. It didn’t end well for our attackers. I don’t know what they were thinking. They were WAAAY outnumbered).

The above picture is both a microcosm and epitome of all this purposefully unleashed chaos across the country that won’t seem to let up. “They” won’t let it.

Source: By. Jim Hoft | The Gateway Pundit | October 17, 2020

VIDEO: Black Trump Supporter VICIOUSLY BEATEN at San Francisco Free Speech Rally — Sucker-Punched — Teeth Knocked Out

by Jim Hoft

The Gateway Pundit / 2020-10-18 00:46

On Saturday black Trump supporter Philip Anderson attended a rally for free speech in San Francisco.

Philip was attacked by an Antifa street thug while escorting a fellow conservative from the rally.

Philip Anderson did not see the punch coming.
He was sucker-punched by an Antifa thug and lost both of his front teeth while he was trying to help a fellow patriot get to the event safely.

This is the same Antifa operative who hit Anderson.
After he battered him in the head he started screaming at him.

These people are animals.

After Philip pulled away the Antifa goon hit him again in the mouth and knocked out his teeth.

It is not clear if the Antifa operative had brass knuckles or a weapon but it is likely.

You can watch the entire video here.

** There is a fundraiser for Philip Anderson on GoFundme.

Here’s another angle on the beating.View this post on Instagram

A Black Trump supporter was attacked by BLM & Antifa agitators outside of a free speech rally in San Francisco. Phillip Anderson was sucker punched and lost both of his front teeth trying to help a fellow patriot get to the event safely. The event was eventually canceled due to the violence coming from the radical left. If you would like to donate to help pay for his new teeth, the gofundme is in my bio. @teamsaveamerica

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