Shocking…Gimme a break. Of course “the virus” has malevolent spiritual properties to it.

Whatever protocol they are using to induce the set of Koronaugh-related symptoms via the signal emitted from their new 5G network infrastructure, its MOST CERTAINLY designed with the intent to affect the spiritual or esoteric part of your “being”. This also explains why the vaccine trial patients were saying crazy stuff about the death of God and that their soul and God “felt dead”.

They have the same underlying motive with all these subversive methods of delivery. Whether it’s the by administering a vaccine or blasting you with the their demon-drenched 5G signal, their ultimate goal is to bring people as far away from God as they possibly can. They want as little resistance as possible to have to contend with when they make their final push to install the Anti-Christ and attempt to dethrone the one true creator God.

They will ultimately fail but they know they are hellbound to begin with, so they’re going to frantically try everything. Hence why you see them pulling out all the stops at this point. This is their final push. They’ve saved their most harrowing weapons for these “End Times”.

Source: Paul Seaburn | Mysterious Universe | October 17, 2020

Exorcists Claim Coronavirus Pandemic Increases Demonic Possessions

Paul Seaburn October 17, 2020

There is an old saying, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you will start treating all your problems like a nail.” Applying this to other non-construction fields, if the only tool you have is an exorcism, you will start treating all of your problems like a demonic possession. That seems to be the case with a number of exorcists who are tired of waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine and instead warning that pandemic shutdowns of places of worship have left people infected with the coronavirus vulnerable to invasive demons as well. Is a COVID-related exorcism covered by medical insurance?

“In fact, at the start of the pandemic, the exorcists in Manila came out with a deliverance prayer and they called me and asked me to join them and if I could also share via live-streaming their nightly prayer) to curb the effects of the devil’s actions especially at a time of confusion.”

Fr. Ronaldo Ablong, the priest-in-charge at St. Vincent Ferrer in Barangay Camanjac in the Philippines, told the Philippine News Agency how he and fellow exorcists in that country are fighting the coronavirus demons with online exorcisms. In his three years of experience as an exorcist “evicting demons and diabolical spiritual forces”, he says he’s learned that the devil can attack the mind of a sick and virus-weakened person through their “negative and excessive thoughts” about the coronavirus. As expected, he claims some people help things along by resorting to Ouija boards, palm readers, fortune-tellers and witchcraft instead of watching his video. He also implies that he believes the devil had a hand in the virus itself, using it as a tool to make possessions easier. And, if the only tool you have is demonic possession … you know the rest.

“I should like to ask you all to pray together, using the form given by Leo XIII, the Exorcism against Satan and the apostate angels.”

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano of Rome agrees. In April, he performed a mass exorcism to rid whatever area a mass exorcism covers to rid Catholics of the demons attacking them because they’re sick or distraught from the coronavirus and can’t get to church. The Catholic Church has been beefing up its exorcism corps since Pope Francis took over and the archbishop had many priest trained in the practice following his example. Has his efforts – and those of Father Ronaldo Ablong in the Philippines worked? Look around. The virus, infections and deaths are still here and increasing daily. Does this mean they’re not working or is this coronavirus stronger than demons too?

“A tantrik in MP’s Ratlam, who claimed to perform ‘Covid exorcisms’ by kissing people’s hands, has died from Coronavirus infection, allegedly infecting at least 20 along the way.”

Times of India reported in June of a tantrik (holy man) in Ratlam who claimed he could perform exorcisms ridding people of the coronavirus via his special “kiss-cure” where he planted his lips on their hands and sucked out the disease. Those hoping to miraculously throw away their ventilators and walk without getting winded were disappointed to find out the tantrik himself died of COVID-19. Officials investing him found at least 20 people he infected and 29 other jhaad-phoonks (exorcists) performing “kiss-cures.” If you’re looking to avoid spreader events, sounds like exorcisms rank right up there with weddings, funerals and political events.

Try both, but put the mask on first

This is not to disparage religions that promote exorcisms nor those that believe in demons. It’s just to point out that religions have been around for centuries and demons far longer – and they’re still here. If you’re sick, see a doctor – even in these times of confusing and conflicting reports, that’s still the best place to start. If you feel you’re possessed, see and exorcist but make sure you see a doctor first. Above all else, wear a mask, wash your hands and don’t touch your face. Remember, that’s probably what the exorcist did before coming into your room.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the Philippines, Italy, the