Tremendous and very colorful Thread by @Emandlio. Both in substance and in appearance. Astronomers always talk about the mystifying hexagon that appears on the pole of Saturn. However if you take a look at it with an adjusted perspective, a 3D one to be exact, you will realize that you are in fact looking at a cube.

Its theorized that the rings of Saturn are one huge transmission antenna. But I’m one to throw all that outer space innuendo straight into the trash with all the recent revelations made by Godgevlamste and must assume that the body we know as the planet “Saturn” is actually another enormous Crater on our mega earth and seems to be responsible for the transmission of some kind of “mega signal” that has an enormous influence upon our holographic reality. I know that was a very broad and non specific explanation on my part, but I have yet to fully integrate the “Crater Earth” model into all other phenomenons that I am familiar with. The Saturn Cube is one of them.



Saturn is the ‘Matrix’???

In case you haven’t noticed, symbols of Saturn are everywhere.

What is this obsession with Saturn?  Could Saturn be the ‘program’ which controls space and time on planet earth?  

Scientists can’t explain the perfectly formed hexagon storm on the north pole of Saturn (below, left), or the permanent “eye” on the south pole (below, right; pictures courtesy of NASA).

Saturn, which is the furthest planet which can be seen from the naked eye, holds a profound influence in today’s culture, yet we fail to notice the obvious.

Ancient cultures revered Saturn as the greatest god, and many ascribe Saturn as being earth’s first ‘sun.’ 

Saturn is far and away the most important planet in earth’s history.

Saturn and Satan go hand-in-hand, but you won’t ever learn about that in textbooks.

The masses are clueless, but those pulling the strings behind the scenes are keenly aware of Saturn’s influence, and are using it to their advantage, and our detriment.

If you’re ready to have your mind blown, or are simply in the mood for some highly-interesting shit, you gotta check this out

Saturn Moon Matrix Explained Pt. 1 |READ MORE|

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🪐 The Black Cube of Saturn 🪐

1. One of most mysterious symbols in our culture today is the Black Cube of Saturn.

The Black Cube is a representation of Saturn and its symbolizing the 3D world we live in as a symbol for matter…

🪐 The Black Cube of Saturn 🪐

2. The Cube is merely the 3D version of the 4-sided square.

The Cube is the building block of all nature, and the five “Pythagorean solids” include a Tetrahedron (Pyramid), Cube, Octahedron, Icosahedron and Dodecahedron.

🪐 The Black Cube of Saturn 🪐

3. CASSINI. October 15, 1997, NASA's Cassini spacecraft was launched

One of the oddest things surrounding Saturn worship is the observance the NASA Voyager and Cassini missions made when they were taking photos of the poles of Saturn

🪐 The Black Cube of Saturn 🪐

4. HEXAGON. There is an unexplained Hexagon shaped vortex storm on the north pole of Saturn…

A Hexagon is actually a flattened out cube when viewed at it 3D, so find it odd that the ancient occult practices somehow knew it…

🪐 The Black Cube of Saturn 🪐

5. Saturn was a god in ancient Roman mythology.

He was described as a god of generation, dissolution, plenty, wealth, agriculture, periodic renewal and liberation.

He was conflated with the Greek Titan Cronus, as a god of time…

🪐 The Black Cube of Saturn 🪐

6. Symbols and colors are the building blocks of all visual symbols and and represent divine energy.

Carl Jung believed a connection between alchemy and the unconscious mind, because of the ability of images to influence our internal thoughts.

🪐 The Black Cube of Saturn 🪐

7. WTC – The 9/11 Memorial Museum and Illuminati symbolism.

The reflecting pools around the Memorial Museum are Black Cubes…

🪐 The Black Cube of Saturn 🪐


Much of the symbolism in use today can be traced back to Saturn worship through Freemasonry and Astrotheology, which in turn led to the Abrahamic religions of Islam, Judaism and Judeo-Christianity.

🪐 The Black Cube of Saturn 🪐


The 3 sides of a triangle represent the number 3, and this is used in GEMATRIA, ancient numerology practice that assigns numbers to letters…

The ten Sephirots of the Kabbalah correspond to the ten points of the Tetractys

🪐 The Black Cube of Saturn 🪐

10. The Square and Compass of Freemasonry

A triangle is Freemasonry symbolism for a representation of the ‘G’ in Grand Creator.

The symbols can be explained as the duality of our purpose in life. The compass represents our soul.

🪐 The Black Cube of Saturn 🪐


Saturn is depicted as Baphomet and Satan as a devourer of children…

Theorists claim that the Tree of Knowledge was a reference to babies being eaten…

🪐 The Black Cube of Saturn 🪐

12. Black Cube & Films.

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