I was creeped out. IDK. I love the troops. Don’t get it twisted. But that was weird.

This was sent to me by a follower. She mentioned that there is likely a cryptic message embedded in this and I tend to agree. She goes on to say,

When a seal is broken you can see beyond and understand how an enlightenment finds its way because it is incredible how enormous their deception is and they are terrifying beings of monsters, but it is the only way to safety, to Iesus and the Our father. Thanks again for your precious work and may God bless and protect you always

Just because I don’t require any form of acknowledgement or acceptance, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate feedback like this. I absolutely do. I know it’s hard to publicly support me due to the subject matter I deal in and the recklessness and over the top intensity of my style at times. So I don’t expect anyone to open themselves up to the liberal or normie Gestapo on my accord. But I do appreciate all the private messages of support from those of you who do reach out.