All these supposedly “marginalized” poor oppressed victims of this evil American society don’t seem too oppressed to me. They actually come across as the most privileged of any demographic. SO privileged that they can roam the streets destroying businesses and violently attacking innocent white people with apparent impunity.

One thing that apparently hasn’t changed since the Civil War is their continued role as helpless slaves. But nowadays, instead of a being owned by a plantation owner, their new owners take on the form of the white liberal. Telling them exactly how to feel and think. We watched as they obediently did exactly as they were told and went out and viciously attacked whitey. What were they promised in return? Equality? Reparations? Revenge?

Did any of them really believe the white liberal DemonRats that Malcom X warned us all about planned on following through with a damn single one of their promises? Have they ever? If they had actually delivered for once then they wouldn’t have been able to continue on with their normal routine. A routine of false promises and race baiting. Feeding you the neverending diet of bullshit rationale as to why you need to continue voting for their stupid asses to make the changes they never do.

All those who obediently went out into the streets and instigated all that violence and destruction at their beckon call, were no different than their ancestors who went out into the cotton fields to fill up the baskets their masters gave them. The only difference was that they didn’t have a choice.

👈MASAS. There are plenty of whites enslaved by them as well.

Participating in this kind of atrocious and barbaric violence against against a group of people who happen to contain different levels of melanin within their skin cells and because some decrepit dinosaur-looking politicians told you to, is likely the most humiliating thing I’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have to witness a group of disillusioned, victimhood-seeking individuals feel compelled to do.

I get that most of you don’t know shit and couldn’t crack 700 on the SAT’s, but apply some common sense. My goodness. Your humiliating yourself and won’t get a damn thing in exchange. These people are using ya’ll to distract us while they screw us all over, yet again, until they decide to force us to repeat the insanity yet again once they deem it opportune to do so. Does it at all intrigue you that this was all prophesied in Childish Gambinos “This is America”?

I guess Donald Glover is just a time traveller who happens to have better dance moves than MJ, huh? MORE…

They laugh at us on a daily basis. Laugh at how easy it is to get us to turn on one another. Stop being someone else’s joke. This world is a joke and by listening to a single word that comes from the mainstream establishment you make yourself the punchline.