While the Christian in me still has me running around cautioning everyone to not fall for the deceptive “New Age” aspects of “Great Awakening”, that doesn’t mean I am not going to acknowledge the reality of what’s happening here and that JFK Jr. is very much alive. I’ve even gone as far as to speculate that he will be this long anticipated, highly charismatic Anti-Christ figure who will soon take the reigns as world leader. He fits the bill PERFECTLY. But I’m not going to lie about what’s going on. That boy is living…

The debunking efforts are PITIFUL & outright EMBARASSING if you ask me. The people attempting to debunk this, in one instance by using Gematria decodes, didn’t even know what Gematria was(his subs told him to do it) and couldn’t even pronounce it right. Hire some competent shills, Nancy!

Easily the most pitiful debunking effort I’ve ever seen. You need to fire those guys Nancy.

I realize that this may be new information to many out there. I’m not going to be an arrogant little prick and not post about just because it’s old news to me. Its still fascinating that they have been able to pull this off for as long as they have. The fact that Trump is hated so much by the press is why they have been alt to stay under the radar for so long. I can’t wait to see what the DemonRats establishment does when this finally comes out. That’s what I’m so anxious to see. The DemonRat leadership squirm.

Especially when they also realize that Jimmy Carter is JFK Sr. A conspiracy that I seem to be quite alone, yet still content with.

I’m also pretty sure that JFK Jr. is Juan O’Savin at this point.

And the photos the man believed to be JFK Jr. was holding.

A thread by Awakening Soul

This was posted on 8chan. Could this man be JFK Jr. ?

Maybe some will see the resemblance now.

Sure is looking more and more like JFK Jr. is alive. What do you think? This had come up and it got me thinking. If this was JFK Jr. and his wife at the rally at some point they would have given each other that knowing glance.

So I started going through rally videos and guess what the two we believe to be JFK Jr. and his wife Carolyn are sitting together at this rally. 

There’s got to be more to this. And notice in both instances they’re sitting on the stage right behind the president. A few times he talks directly to them.

Just started watching this guy on YT love his personality and he’s as happy about JFK Jr. being alive as I am! (youtu.be/GOCfC9HEwEU) To me knowing JFK Jr. is alive restored hope in our country and where it is going, every Q post and all the possibilities that now exist.

And so unbelievably fitting that JFK’s son now is finishing what his father began.


So enjoying the show. (youtu.be/NkufG1i3Uk8) Many may not be aware of someone posting as “R” on the 8chan boards believed to be JFK Jr.

An anon of 8chan had posted this image of the photo and sign the man believed to be JFK Jr. was holding at the rally. The sign seems to say “Ruby” and “Cute”.

And the photos the man believed to be JFK Jr. was holding.