I haven’t forgot about you. Scahmdemick…. All you Americans who have been supporting this con in the name of your hatred for the Orange Man and supported the subsequent annihilation of our freedoms, should be forced to live out the rest of your lives in infinite shame. But you can still redeem yourself. It’s never too late.

Best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I had seriously lost almost all hope for humanity. Do you see how much power you truly have? They are TERRIFIED of a unified public. TER…I…FUCKING….FIED….

Look at the fear in their eyes as they tried dragging that woman away.

“LIBERTAD, LIBERTAD”. All that was missing was Al Pacino rushing onto the scene to gut one of those spineless oath breakers. That might be a bit much, but not really. That’s exactly what you are if you try enforcing some garbage like that. A spineless oath breaker who deserves to be gutted like the feckless boot-licking domesticated swine you are.

I knew I could count on my people(I’m 1/2 Canarian). I get that in Spain the pigs(sorry guys, your back to swine status) aren’t packing heat like in the U.S., but the same fundamental cowardly disposition still courses through their veins. At least within the ones who would dare to try to enforce such an Orwellian mask mandate(not even a law).

Start standing up to this crap. They will never stop pushing and pushing and taking and taking more and more of your rights and freedoms until you a relegated to monkey-on-a-leash status. Your almost there already.