I try to make it as easy as possible to find all the best stuff collected all in one place which is why I make these YouTube Playlists so I can most efficiently share all the gems that I’ve found from around the net. Saves you a lot of time which we know is the most valuable thing of all. I will also be putting back up those WordPress video dumps since these YouTube videos are often quickly pulled.

END OF OCT YouTube PLAYLIST(Oct. 26, 2020)

I’ve put together the above YouTube playlist of select videos from these past few weeks. Additionally, I made a list of some of the recently discovered channels that I think are absolutely awesome. It’s hard to find these new channels by simply surfing YouTube on your own, as the algorithms do their best to try and hide most of the good content and will NEVER automatically queue up anything good on your feed unless you’ve subscribed to the channel already and/or have manually set the queue on your own. Its beyond frustrating that I can’t seem to stop YouTube from auto-playing the latest FOX & Friends or Tucker Carlson clip(I like Tucker actually) no matter what I do, even after having unsubscribed from them completely. Its incredible really.

Below are some of the more recent channels that I have found by manually searching the web on my own and adding them on my own accord. I good trick I’ve found is to select the images tab when you do a search and backtrack from the YouTube thumbnail, to the video associated with it. That gets around the hiding and burying of certain results that the algorithms try pulling. If you find a video you really like, I would recommend downloading it, as YouTube has been even more censor happy than usual of late with the election right around the corner.

Truth Happens

This may be one of my favorite new ones to have stumbled across. Her subscriber stats make no sense. YouTube has obviously been messing with her channel. I binge watched everything that was on here.

50 Shades of Pissed Off | PLAYLISTS

Great selection of the best mirrored videos from truth channels around the web. Awesome playlist organization.

Dictionary of Truth Re-Uploads

The Black Child re-uploads – My favorites

Enter the Stars |PLAYLISTS

Dyslexic Artist Theory on the Physics of ‘Time’ | PLAYLISTS

Black Sun Obelisk | PLAYLISTS

You need to know this

Elusive Truths | PLAYLISTS

Corbettreport | PLAYLIST

This is a classic go-to truth channel.