That is such an obvious photoshopped shirt. You can see the delineation at the collar. That boy is DEAD. That’s likely an old photo. Why do you think they are using his likeness so much? Because he’s dead so they don’t have to convince a dead person to do all this crap.

Also, is now up. I’m out of storage space on this blog anyway. After breaking the site numerous times with various plug-ins, I’ve realized I’m never going to get it perfect with all the featured images transferred over, so I’m just opening the site now. Screw it… All the old content and latest posts should be there. I’ll be cleaning it up as we go and fixing any broken links or missing videos. At the rate I was going I was never going to go live with it. I have to let go of the perfectionist in me and clean up the rest of the posts as we go. If there is something you’re trying to access in an old post that now has a dead link, just email me and I’ll fix it immediately for you. I have no more space on this blog anyway. Please let me know if it’s slow or if there are any issues. This will be the soft opening for those who read the posts daily and therfore are reading this.

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We have one week to go & it's going to be the craziest one yet but I'm determined to see at least Trump, Pence, McConnell, Graham, Nunes, Gaetz, Collins, Jordan, DeSantis, Blackburn, Gardner, Loeffler & McSally get taken down on election day, who's with me?
I know Tom Hanks is