Upon The Face Of The Waters

Youtuber LXXXVIII finis temporis does a great job decoding a film which is probably more densely packed than perhaps any other in terms of hidden symbolism, predictive programming and esoteric easter eggs . It seems to contain many levels. You unpack one level of programming in a certain scene, only to find that there is another occulted layer behind that one….

To start with, 911 and twin tower references are everywhere, keep in mind this movie came out in 1985.

They travel 25 years into the future from 1985, and at one point are being shot at by a group of Libyans.

In 2010 there was a major Libyan Civil War.

And of course keep in mind that they blamed 911 on Muslim hijackers.

There are way more 911 clues in the video, this post is just an overview to show you that yes, the codes are there, what…

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