Biden & Trump are controlled by the same entity. That entity doesn’t care about policy or how the people are affected by it. Looks like “EntertheStars” was right this whole time and the Biden Presidency was strategically chosen to issue the final “bite” in the form of the vaccine. Trump is Batman and Joe Robinette Biden is his Robin. The entire Trump Presidency seemed like nothing more than one big Honeytrap to identify as many of the possible dissident problem citizens as they could before finally making that push towards the Orwellian nightmare of a “new normal” that has been the goal of the New World Order. Coronacon was a way to starve the people into poverty and render us as helpless as possible and ready to accept some new horrendous digital currency and possible Universal Income option, with its Mark of the Beast stipulations and all.

Watching Occultists destroy the world is no fun.

Might as well put up a lot of stuff I posted yesterday while the site is down. Again. Fuck my life. Customer support barely speaks English. That’s one of the drawbacks of going offshore I guess.

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2 veil lifting Joe-Bidden , Kamala Harris = JOE CAMEL