Written by Dystopia Now! The world is inverted and the ones who seemed to be mad before are the only ones making sense. Just imagine, it used to seem silly when someone screamed REPENT in the streets once upon a time. The idea of who is mad has changed. The new crackpots are the ones […]

The New Crackpots! — Extremely Unpleasant Opinions

The New Crackpots!

Written by Dystopia Now!

The world is inverted and the ones who seemed to be mad before are the only ones making sense. Just imagine, it used to seem silly when someone screamed REPENT in the streets once upon a time.

The idea of who is mad has changed.

The new crackpots are the ones who have the ear of the establishment and who enthusiastically report peoples violations of the rules. These idiots make sure they can’t breathe every time they leave the house and believe it to be improving their health. None of them can, of course, be trusted.

The establishment cannot be trusted after all this madness and so Boris proposal of the vaccine passport only lasting a year, should be disregarded and the party should grow a backbone and speak out. The time for politics is over – the globalists are holding the knife to our throat. This is about survival. Do they want their families to survive the apocalypse?

Evidently we haven’t even seen the full effects of the mRna injection everyone is taking believing it to be a vaccine – whilst they admit it contains none of the basic elements to make it a vaccine. When you tell people it’s a giant psyop – they cannot comprehend the enormity of what that means. When you tell someone their version of reality is wrong and yours is right they get very them and us. Facts coagulate into opinions and that becomes a matter of whether someone wants to believe someone or not. If there is an opinion which threatens their map of reality – forget it.

The torture which society has undergone this past few years could result in people finally realising that something is wrong with the world but they may be too scared to speak out. They will carry on virtue signalling and backing it up with sources they themselves secretly find dubious. It might however be enough that there is a bedrock of dissenting voices amongst their social circles and it simply becomes socially acceptable to say these things out loud. The nature of optics will change and the words conspiracy theorist will lose their power – which since the 2013 revelations of GCHQ and NSA spying on the public – I thought those words were obsolete anyway. We live in the time of conspiracy, of deceit and massive global corruption – choosing to frame that understanding as psychological delusion is actually a sign of projection. The mentally ill are the ones who can’t face the basic facts of life and twist themselves in knots to find explanations without any real basis. The mentally ill are quite obviously the conspiracy deniers who still think everything is cushty – happy to dip their toes into the antiwoke culture war and wear that template proudly – but when it comes to 5G or Morgellons Disease they run the other way. Suddenly, your free speech rights go out the window from these so called free speech absolutists – who will scorn you for even suggesting such a thing and accuse you of being dangerous because you have become the one thing to change their view on absolute free speech. I’ve seen and had all the conversations and watched them play out on repeat for different people over the years. First Sargon now Dutton – be they Civnat or Ethnat – they are conspiracy deniers and as such don’t look into the actual science and follow instead, people who parrot to follow “the science” when it’s Government propaganda and nothing more. Many so called alternative-voices online follow very mainstream channels and consequently, despite their potential, grow to have a very milktoast approach to getting information across which could be termed ‘Mark Dice Syndrome‘.

It’s the same reason why anyone from Stephen Fry to Sargon of Akkad won’t talk about it – they fear being cancelled ultimately because they are weak. Same reason no one in the arts or music industry will speak out and the reason why the Government was singlehandedly allowed to just wipe out livelihoods and legacies.

If they are not sufficiently defended we will lose these services forever. Do you really think the politicians who instigated it care if you suffer because of it ? Deluded infantilised folks believe the Government cares about them, not critical thinkers or grown-ups. Reasonable / sensible people obviously think that trust is naive and misguided. The Establishment can always throw other people’s money at you to shut you up – a seemingly unending supply too – or if that fails they can always bribe you with a free donut every day . It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t make sense in an obesity epidemic. It doesn’t matter that someone’s legs peeled off like a scene from hellraiser or that people are dying in rapid numbers from the jab because the media covered up the numbers and lied and they believed them. It doesnt matter that microscopes are revealing nanoworms in the mask fibres like something out of a horror movie. There is no requirement for media to tell the truth, it hasn’t done so far – and lies require more lies to cover for them so it becomes an unending cycle. A false reality maintained by a forced consensus, believed by the foolish only because of the seemingly authoritative source it came from not whether it makes any sense or not.

War on Normal

It’s normal to walk around on a sunny day wearing a space suit; it’s not normal to hug your family. We have totally lost touch with what normal means and over the years it had already been degraded by so called ‘outrageous queens‘ determined to stamp out the concept of being normal by being as deranged as possible – then everyone started behaving in a deranged way to show their support for this lunacy and suddenly being ‘normal’ was weird. It’s stunning and brave to wear a dog collar and bark around on the floor like a dog in front of children – but If you held a banner implying that white lives were important in any way you were a disgusting human being who should be shunned for eternity. Normal became mental and so logically that means that lunatic conspiracy theorists who were on the fringes of society became normal. The old normal is normal; the new one isn’t.

The world became so obsessed with being a freak (let your freak flag fly, born this way) and shocking each other in order to be attracting attention that it started hating normal. It thought it had totally eradicated normal and sought to kill the family – until normal started fighting back.

Return to Grace

We are in a tug of war between two ages even amongst our own ethnic groups in the West – there are those who espouse say, LGBTQ+ consensus and there are those who eschew it. Same with BLM and any of the other communist groups. It is my suspicion that the same people who wave those banners about love Trumping hate would also inflict the cruelest Government mandated methods on their kids in order to ‘keep them safe’ from covid. Torture has now been mandated by the Government and they don’t even need to tell themselves that they are merely indulging in their sadistic tendencies, akin to a fetish. Maybe there is a case to have parents custody of their children overruled afterall. Teachers generally would relish the chance to cause harm whilst telling themselves they are doing good – they are all sadistic bastards.

Society wasn’t built up of mostly good people, which was the lie we were always fed. We were told that criminals were merely aberrations – but as the new normal comes into view we will soon see that if you aren’t an immoral person – you’ll be labelled a suspicious person. If you are wicked or cruel you will be protected by the system. If you weren’t a criminal in the old world you probably will be in this one. There will be nowhere to hide in this one. The old mantra “I’ve done nothing wrong so I’ve got nothing to fear” only works when the authorities aren’t evil.

How much proof do people need that the establishment doesn’t consider their wellbeing a priority? Do these people believe the carphone warehouse when they tell them “Here at the carphone warehouse your voice matters“?

No, so why do you believe that the Government (which has a monopoly on violence and has mandated lethal measures) cares about your wellbeing ? Surely believing that is mental illness? Not the conspiracy theorists – but the people who actually believe that the establishment is the pinnacle of what it could possibly be and that the Government really does care about you. That is deranged. That is weird.

As for academics – they merely don’t want to admit they know nothing about a certain area and will weave ever more elaborate forms of obsfuscation and waffle to avoid facing that fact.

The Edward Dutton types try and cosy up to the establishment at large because it gives them an excuse not to admit they don’t know anything about the subject of conspiracy. By denying the conspiracy and concocting an elaborate psychological profile they are actually avoiding that feeling of shame and embarrassment – and to these pretentious people – that is worth far more than actually fighting to make a real difference!