Wow. Getting heated. Telling a Congressman to shut his mouth is nothing to take lightly. These DemonRats are exactly that. Demonic rodents. Vile putrid puddles of virtue signaling useless shills who seek to make the world as crappy as possible in the name of their own enrichment.

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“Do you think that the Constitution is suspended during a virus?”

Source:Steve Watson

During a House subcommittee hearing Thursday, Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio demanded answers from White House medical advisor Anthony Fauci to basic questions about COVID restrictions, but was told he was ‘making the matter personal’, that he was ‘ranting’, and to ‘shut his mouth’.

Jordan charged Fauci of flip flopping on restrictions such as masks and distancing, and demanded to know exactly when the mitigation measures would be put to bed.

“15 days to slow the spread turned into 1 year of lost liberty,” Jordan urged, adding “What metrics, what measures, what has to happen before Americans get more freedoms back?”

Fauci responded “I don’t look at this as a liberty thing, Congressman Jordan. I look at this as a public health thing.”

Jordan interjected “well that’s obvious”, after having asserted that Americans’ liberties have been…

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