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Satanic Pedo Cults (SPC’s)


Some are naturally resistant,
Some by happenstance
But we are all here.

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Spiritual Connection.
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This topic has puzzled numerous expositors.
How does Islam fit into the picture of global conflict?
Is this a political, religious, or religio-political conflict?
What is its origin and what are its goals?

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ctr+f Parasite
You’ll see why they don’t want the population taking dewormer lol

Source: https://ghostbin.com/980XL

What is the worm pill/parasite pill? The Grand Unified Conspiracy?

I have been holding the puzzle pieces in my palms for years now, partially completed sections but lacking in the ability to piece it all together. I believe now that I have figured it out.

There are many cults in this world, but they all lead to one devil, though the manifestations of this Devil over the years has shifted from Bull – The time of the Minoans of Crete, when we were in the age of taurus into the age of Aryans and the Ram, We get these Houses from the procession of the equinox and they either fall into Sol or Luna worship. We are in Pieces moving into Aquarius, an interesting synchronicity.

The one thing these animals have in common is that they have been hosts to parasites for millennia and we have only just learned of the microscopic world and to what extent the microcosmos has affected our everyday lifes and civilization. Many have spoken of the basilisk as a threat through out time, often referring to it in terms that lacked the knowledge to describe them adequately. Hinting and beating around the bush, they could see the symptoms but not the cause. Originally described as demons. Or perhaps the tale of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eve when Satan, The Devil took the form of a serpent and tempted them with the fruit of Knowledge of good and evil?

The devil is often referred to as a snake, serpent, dragon – That old serpent which is the devil, has been worshiped in the form of the animals that those cultures held in high esteem. With close examination of the past and it’s many cults it is quite clear to me that they all point in the same direction, often describing the same thing with different languages and interpretations.

Whom exactly is this devil? It i a transsexual hive mind who calls it’s self the queen of heaven and uses parasite demons to infect the children of God, by which he tempts them, influences them, kills them and even takes complete and totla control over them through demonic parasitic possession.

Many works of art have tried to describe this beast with adoration and contempt alike, always hidden in plain sight for those that wish to see. There have been more and more people over the years that have been giving praise to this unholy beast in the form of hand signs from public personalities such as actors, politicians, rich and famous. From graffiti on the sides of ruins to the Aztec altars that worshiped Quetzalcoatl the serpent god.

Why is it so many have carried out the same actions when separated by time and space as if they were motivated by the same forces. The Pyramids, the Ziggurats, The altars. Much of my Occult knowledge is amagalated through 25+ years of studying the occult with modern technology but a good source to start with Is Helen Pertrovna Blavatsky, Where she lays bare the terms and conditions and beliefs of the occult for any one to peer at.

Look into the worldly religions and you will see imams kissing the hand of the pope. Inside the Umayyad Mosque of Damascus is the Shrine of John The Baptist. The Sickle Moon a symbol of Baphomet, Which the Catholic Church had on it’s Clock hands. As well as Lunar Worship, the is Sol Worship hidden through out the church. If you look at the clothing of catholic nuns and islamic female they are both draped behind the veil of darkness. Now consider the Black cube symbolism with in the abrahamic religions, The Kaaba “the cube” – The black cube, The Tefillin “phylacteries” a black leather box filled with scripture. The texts are Exodus 13:1-10(signifying that belong to a god, but which god is it that they worship?), 13:11-16(A call to sacrifice all the first born of all of israel, and god said, all that born of israel is mine) ; Deuteronomy 6:4-9(A commandment to bind their worship to their heads, to their childrens heads and to all that they own), 11:12-21. (The consequences are numerous if they turn away from the god they worship. And Finally The Altar stone where they keep relics of saints were often made of black stones fashioned into rectangles and cubes.

The temple of Bal, Pan, Baphomet, Set, Seth, Many names, many faces. If you would like to learn more about the occult and verify for your self what I am saying look in “The Secret Doctrine” By H.P Blavatsky.

What I am saying is that all these religions and many more have a common thread. When Jesus Christ came to us and said that I am the Living Son of The God of the Living word, he was sending a message, that this is Who the Supreme God of All is, The timeless father, and He thusly rebuked those that “worshiped in the temple of babylon” Where they Sacrificed children to the brazen bull, a furnace in the efficacy of Bal. If one were to truly study the Pagan religions you will find that through out all of the descendants of Noah, The Ayrans, The Hamites and The Semites that there emerges there within a common story, that all harken back to the tale of the serpent, except for one. Do you know that of which I write? Who are the Ones?

From the Religious and the Occult, we move into that of History, Linages and the Mantle of Destiny, that We Aryans carry. We are all born with the very same embers in our hearts and souls, ready and waiting for the Breath of God to come an ignite our embers into that of a torrent of righteous fire. Know that this may be the one thing they don’t want us to know, that they don’t want us to put together.

The Aryan’s are the ones that have remained as the protagonist through out time, as old as David vs Goliath. Now I believe that the Annunaki were descriptions for Noah’s son, and that they interbred with the Neanderthals or as we would call them the Nephilim, thusly giving them a source of RH- Blood, one that has been safeguarded and nurtured from their beginning, a Chimera. European populations have largely remained the same genetically, haplo-genetic studies show that Cro-Magnon DNA has been modern for 28,000 years and shows that of European lineage.

I do not believe in the out of africa theory but rather the regional emergence hypothesis. Africans share 10-19% dna with an extinct hominid that no other sapien can claim, RH- Blood is Found largely in europe, the berbers of Africa, And highly concentrated in some other peoples.

Cromag was the first and only human species to domesticate the wolf, they traveled with horses and ate psychedelic mushrooms and other plants to attain a shamanistic trance. Not only did they eat psychedelics but they also showwed up with a COMPLETE and MODERN tool kit showing now progressive states, no record, just perfectly made bi-facial spear heads, thrown javelins, knives and other tools for hunting and processing materials, they out performed the competing neanderthal by leaps and bounds. Thus began a species war that is older than memory. Only remembered as myth and Legend.

This is the only advantage that they will ever have over us, being the only ones knowing that they are in a war, they hide in the shadows, and attack from their caves, their bunkers, their refuge from the light. The Neanderthal was a violent, and brutish cousin, Males often succumbing to blows to the head, Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal bones alike were consumed along with that of horse and reindeer, The neanderthal was a nocturnal hunter and dwelled in dark caves explaining it’s larger eyes. They stole Cromagnon children to eat, sacrifice, mate and if one so wishes to incline was a method of warfare, consider the newly observed behavior often blamed on global warming of chimpanzee’s and gorilla’s waging warfare, a similar tale playing out before our eyes. The chimpanzee’s attack the genitals of male gorillas and snatch the young from the arms of their mothers, is it perhaps not to far of a leap to say that maybe neanderthal and cromagnom engaged in the same kind of behavior? If a technologically inferior force attacks a Technologically superior force, 99/100 times the superior force is going to win no questions asked.

We can see this played out when two cultures meet, Never has there ever been any contact between civilizations with out the lesser one coming under the subjugation of the mightier force.

Driven into hiding, Sheol, the dark place. The neanderthal coveted the superior cromagnon and stole gene until they blended in, the original Ashkenazi jews are long dead, having been tortured to reveal their holy beliefs to the covert Neanderthal. Thus they began hiding as a nomadic people slowly assimilating more and more Cro-Magnon dna but at a great loss, for a RH- Woman will often die from complications if she were to carry an RH+ offspring.

The parasite is some thing that has lived on in the background, motivating people to live out side of their own self interest, to partake in unholy rituals involving homosexual acts and human sacrifice, this parasite can be found in meat, produce and water supplies. It is the leading motivating factor behind homosexuality, pedophilia, human sacrifice and blood rituals and that is how it is spread among the elite and their golems and goy. They are a wasteland of parasites, zombiefied and droned out into being an NPC, An Enforce or An Acolyte of their secrets.

Think about it for a second and realize how much media carries this as the exact plot or the sub-plot.
How many know and how long have we actually been living in the dark?

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