The PsyOp is never NOT on. Remember that.

The Gabby Petito story was definitely hyped like crazy by the media, but to be fair, the story did have an inherent “juiciness” to it that made people naturally gravitate towards wanting to follow it. So I’m not sure we can say with definity that this was a crafted PsyOp. Though it does reek of a ritual sacrifice, but that’s another story. It was more of a freebie for the media to run with as they saw fit and use to distract from whatever was on the docket to distract from at the time.

But when I saw Maxine Waters up there wearing her stupid ass weave and shrieking about how these brown & black skinned migrants(that the Biden administration PURPOSEFULLY shipped-in) were being lasooed and “whipped” by Border Patrol officers on horseback, I knew the PsyOp was on. Biden immediately submitted and cowered to Waters by saying:

A developmentally disabled toddler could have figured this one out. That’s why the below clip of a reporter calling out Jen Psaki for this brazen piece of despicable liberal propoganda is so heart warming.

Gabby Petito Story & Haitians Being WHIPPED. More PYSOPS On Top Of PYSOPS To Keep You Distracted (VIDEO)