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Rose Hannah has been forced to take down a lot of her older videos out of fear for losing her channel, so much of her best stuff is nowhere to be found anymore. However, I made a habit of downloading all her stuff and will periodically come across WordPress.com sites that I had forgotten about which I created just for backing up her content and will find videos like these that I had never gotten around to posting or adding to my collection.

I know a lot of the videos below are already in the archive, but WordPress likes to periodically disable some of my WordPress sites that I use to host videos, so it’s always good to have backups. I’ve been finding dead links recently, so I’ve been combing through the site to see what I am missing.

The Elites Babylon-Babbling Decoded. Alphabet Substitution Crypts Backwards Gematria & More (VIDEO)

The Elites Babylon-Babbling Decoded. Alphabet Substitution Crypts Backwards Gematria & More (VIDEO)
The Sun into Darkness- Government Cover up- Part 2
Third of the Moon Visibly Dark on 5_16 Captured on video, Deceivers discuss in Code
The moon DID not give her light- on PURIM 3/21!!!!
What happened to the Moon!? Jan 14th – Signs in the Moon ATTN: see DESC BOX
9/27 is 7 years from Obama at the U.N in 2012, 42/mo to 3/27/16, in Church coded “Abomination”
What is wrong with Hollywood!!? They look so Glum! is it Times UP??