I decided to go through Tim Ochs Philosophy of Time Travel(Donnie Darko) decode and take a look at all the results to try to pick up on anymore messages, and I was not disappointed. This was just the first line that I randomly chose to take a look at. I can only imagine what else there is to find.

These are some pretty sensational Gematria results. At least I think so. Its got everything. 2 entries about Killary, Adrenochrome, child trafficking, Kylie Jenner, we got some Treyvon Martin for good measure, and last but not least, we see Big T himself.

PHRASE: “The intent of this book is for it to be used as a simple and direct guide in a time of great danger

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Results by Jewish Gematria

Non Gematria Decode of Movie by “Enter the Stars”

These are some of the keywords to hone in on for this Decode. “Enter the Stars” has done a great job exposing these connections thus far, but there are surely more. Each time you watch the movie you will find more. As he explained…

Two 8 sided cylinders(twin towers) Biff Tannin, Back to the FutureEpstein Island, Hawking
Order out of chaosTriumph, 55 minutes into Donnie Darko filmedBenjamin Button, Triumph motorcycle
198888September 11
Look for these terms and their connection to Trump & 9/11 throughout the film.

PDF Print outs of Gematria results. I’m sure there’s more I’m yet to find.