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One the most troubling trends that I’ve recently seen gaining more and more momentum is the support for this “Galactic Federation of Light” movement. At least “Q” has some validity and makes some sense in many regards. So I can see why they are roping in so many followers. I used to be one. But this “Galactic Federation” movement is such a load of crap and should be easy to see through. But apparently not.

Gullible, but mostly well intentioned people who seem to have been hopelessly bedazzled by this dishonest & deceitful “New Age” narrative that suggests that a group of peaceful and all-powerful interdimensional light beings have been looking over humanity and are now preparing to reveal themselves in modern times to provide guidance and assistance and to help us transition into this great new utopian “Golden Age” of sorts.

They claim that all the dark & evil Reptilian entities who currently rule over humanity will soon be vanquished and that “they are here to help” and to “replace the darkness with light”. That should sound pretty familiar to those of you deeply entrenched in the Qanon/Fall of the Cabal craze. Another movement that I’m happy to no longer be a blind supporters of. Though that’s not to say the bulk of their claims are not true. Nor would I have issue with their underlying message and quest for truth if it weren’t for their esoteric-minded deceptive plans relating to their end-game.

The postulation of the existence of this “Galactic Federation of Light Beings” is one thing, but to make the claim that they are here to help might be the biggest crock of monkey shit I’ve ever heard. The existence of beings that fit this “light being” profile is not the crazy part. That part is right-on. However these self proclaimed non-human “light beings” are absolutely not “here to help” or even foreigners for that matter. They are “interdimensional” and they do exist, but that’s where the similarities end.

I wonder if that guy was thinking they were here to help him as they were mutilating his body as he was still alive, before finishing him off and dumping his carcass in a swamp in Brazil?👇

Human Mutilation Case EXPOSING THE FALLEN ONES| NOUFR Human Mutilations Investigation NORTHERN ONTARIO UFO RESEARCH | Human Mutilations by Extraterrestrials: Ufology’s Dark Secret DOWN THE CHUPACABRA HOLE

They can take many different forms, including a physical one that takes on the appearance of the commonly known “alien grey”. But these are no flesh and blood beings from another planet like most have assumed them to be. They are only masquerading as space travelers from another world. They are nothing of the sort.

These little fallen jerks have always been here. They’ve been sharing this planet with us ever since they were cast down from heaven and landed atop Mt. Hermon after their failed rebellion against the one true creator God. They ARE “Legion”. That’s where Q got their mantra “where we go one we go all”, from by the way. *This is the point the Anons throw a hissy fit and exit the site. Whatever man…

These entities are in fact the “Fallen Ones”. The “Fallen Angels” from the Bible. They are demonic in nature, though not “demons”. They are much more powerful than demons and the two should not be confused. While they are “Demonic”, they are ultimately something much different in form and function and much more dangerous and menacing in both potential to inflict harm upon humanity and their ability to do so. Demons are nothing more than the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim. The Nephilim were the offspring of the earthly women in the time of Noah & Enoch who bore the hybrid/demi-god(little g “god”) children of these fallen, once Angelic entities. That’s where we get the term “demi-god” from.

The Evil Acts Of The Fallen Entities (VIDEO)

These “fallen ones” have been deceiving humans with a whole array of disturbing methods, using many different disguises throughout time. It’s only their most recent ruse that has involved them masquerading as these “otherworldly” beings. It’s not the only ruse though. They like to mix it up. The “Greys”, “Nordics”, “Galactic Federation Council Members”, whatever the story they decide to tell the humans and is effective in its deceptiveness. They are ultimately out to deceive and are not what they are claiming to be.

This New Age movement has been inspired and engineered by these Fallen Demonic entities. The Anti-Christ legion spirit is behind the scenes and pulling all the strings and leading the way with the goal of making this deception as grand as possible.

It’s pretty easy to spot one of these legion spirit controlled organizations by the language they use. They are constantly reiterating specific innuendo about “bringing in new light” or bringing things “out into the light”. Light light light. Lucifer runs around as a deceptive being of light. Right?

We see Qanon(sorry, just “Q”. They don’t like “Qanon”) constantly using this type of language in their “Q-drops” which is one of many reasons that I’ve recently been forced to put them in the same category as the equally deceptive, but much more assinine and downright embarrassing “Galactic Federation of Light”. At least Q is actually doing a lot of the stuff they claim to be. This Galactic Federation garbage might as well be an L. Ron Hubbard novel. A bad one at that.

While these two organizations have stark differences from one and other, as one is a D.OD. military intelligence operation and the other one is a spiritual & theology based movement. They both have one thing in common and that is that the legion Anti-Christ spirit is pulling all their strings and using their influence to help to set the stage for this great and long forewarned of deception.

While their methods of deceit change with the times, their ultimate prerogative remains the same. The deception of humanity. A deception designed with the intent to lure humanity away from God and into the outstretched arms of the “New Age” movement. A craze that’s been gaining momentum each day and is deeply intertwined with the transhumanist movement as well. You are told that you are your own God and with a little help from technology, you can become God-like. They ultimately intend on attempting to defeat God with their now- being-assembled Anti-Christ army and then dethroning and taking Gods place and taking his seat upon a counterfit throne in the soon to be rebuilt Temple of Solomon(Solomons Temple) in Jerusalem. It’s a delusional goal, I know, but that won’t stop them from trying.

It doesn’t take much research to come to the harrowing realization that these “alien” creatures are not what they claim to be and do not have anything even close to our best interests at heart. There are interested in harvesting our DNA as well as our physical body parts. We are a resource to them in many regards. Both spiritually and physically.

The first ever public mention of Adrenochrome came from Phil Schneider when he thoroughly exposed to the world this true nature and agenda of these “Fallen Ones”. I don’t even think he knew the half of it despite being educated on the subject more than just about everyone. They killed him for it. Finally getting him in the end with some kind of directed energy weapon after several failed attempts from some human shills which left a couple federal agents dead on each side.

Don’t fall for it. For Phil’s sake. Easily one of the most heroic individuals of all time.

They Are Seriously Preparing us for Fallen Angels (VIDEO)

Anunnaki Message Published 1958: “We are already here. always been watching. | 2017

Best Documentary 2016 – Nephilim The Fallen Ones – Proof & Evidence Of Nephilim In Bible (VIDEO)

In L.A. Marzullis “The Watchers” series, he explains how the abduction phenomenon can be attributed to this DNA harvesting protocol that these fallen entities have been hard at work at for a while now and what most terrified this one psychologist who specialises in this phenomenon is that he seems to think that they are coming to the end of the program. They seem to be pretty much finished with this task. They are now in the process of unleashing non human hybrid like beings into the general population, unbeknownst to just about everybody.

The REAL Alien Agenda – RETURN of the Nephilim (NEW interview 2019 (VIDEO)

TRUE STORY Of Aliens and Fallen Angels, Satan, Nephilim 2016 (VIDEO):

It’s a really bad situation as you can see. So forgive me if I jump down your throat if I hear you talk about how these supposed alien beings are only here to help. That’s literally the furthest possible thing from the truth.


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Alien Harvesting – The Phenomenon That Simply Can’t Be Explained


According to researcher Dr. Turner, humans are being used as a resource by many alien races. He collected many pieces of evidence that show him how aliens feed on us in a number of ways, including emotionally, energetically, and physically.

This is a very disturbing phenomenon and is very difficult to be explained in simple terms. However, many UFO researchers claim that the abduction experience is not limited to a uniform pattern event.

According to Turner, aliens can change our perception of our surroundings. At the same time, they can control our thinking. They appear to us in any number of guises and shapes.

Aliens can also take our consciousness and make themselves present in front of us in an invisible state.

Aliens take our body fluids from our necks, spines, blood veins, joints, and many other places.

Abductees report being taken to facilities in which they encounter humans as well, not only aliens. At the same time, abductees encounter more than one type of alien. They can meet with grays, reptilians, insectoids, etc.

Finally, aliens have forced humans to have intimate contact with them. These aliens even disguised themselves in the forms of Jesus, the Pope, and other celebrities in order to gain the cooperation of the abductees.

Quite disturbing isn’t it?

Source: The Complete Truth | http://the-complete-truth.blogspot.com/2013/06/galactic-federation-of-light-channeled.html

Galactic Federation of Light Channeled Messages Exposed

The biblical account of what is happening today is the truth, you are willing to search down as many other routes as you like i only ask is you deeply research the Bible! (King James Version 1611 to be exact). This Blog’s purpose is to save people to the Lord Jesus Christ who is our only chance at heaven and also educate warn and prepare people for the great times of tribulation we have ahead, Please look through our blogs, share. Home Page New World Order Quotes – Its Planned, Its Here Celebrities Who Worship The Devil EXPOSED Must Watch Documentaries, You Will Be Shocked… How I Got Saved and How You Can Be Saved! ▼

Galactic Federation of Light Channeled Messages Exposed

This Blog is using quotes taken from the messages channelled by the deceived brothers and sisters who believe them. the messages are channelled by the Fallen Angels, with the purpose of deceiving the humans, the humans who receive these messages and contact are usually not educated on the Bible and when something like this happens to them, they immediately take it for what it appears, never suspecting deception because the experience itself was so amazing and unlike anything they have ever experienced.

these quotes are here to expose them for what this really is, the final end time deception of the world that the Bible has so clearly warned us about even 2000+ years ago.

WE ARE in the End of Days and this deception has been here for decades now, in the form it will be unleashed upon the world, in the form of “beings of light” coming to help man achieve… wait for it.. GODHOOD, yes, they are coming to help man continue his road in evolution, to finally ascend to ultimate being of God.

“And the serpent said unto the woman…and ye shall be as gods” – Genesis 3:4-5
THE VERY LIE, that the devil had deceived Eve by in the beginning, the lie that CAUSED THE INITIAL FALL OF MAN, is going to be the same lie to bring once again, the deception that will bring the final fall of man.

This group speaks to humans through spirit channelling  demon channelling, surprised? and they call themselves “The Ascended Masters” and are known as a whole as “The Galactic Federation of Light(TGFL)”, they are not just channelling through 1 or 2 people to spread these messages, all sorts of different entities from the TGFL apparently, are contacting people worldwide, not weekly, DAILY, every day you can go online and find the latest message from an ascended master encouraging humans with doctrines of devils, and because they sugar coat it with false promises and lies, it sounds peaceful, innocent and good. but do not marvel.

“And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.” – 2 Corinthians 11:14
Now that i have set the stage for the information, i want to tell you about a communication given on 28th May 2013 by one of these “Ascended Masters” which we know are ugly, fallen angels whose end shall be according to their works.

This is all from May 28th 2013 message from this website that posts channelled messages ( Link to Source Website )

I believe the following message reveals what the coming deception will be, and how it will lead to the mark of the beast, and what the mark of the beast will be implemented by, read the quotes from this being carefully bros and sisters and take all info to the Lord, AUTHOR OF WISDOM AND TRUTH.

“Selamat Jarin! We come with many things to tell you!”

Now these beings are ESPECIALLY TRICKY, especially to the normal person, because these evil spirits are obviously the ones behind the Illuminati and forwarding the entire agenda towards accepting this.. however, they acknowledge the existence of the Illuminati and the control over the world and they refer to it as “the dark cabal”, insinuating they are the opposite and against them.

The Fallen Angels take the false stand that they are really the good beings, and they are against this evil group..

“The dark cabal continues to search for a way to escape from its many predicaments, but every turn they take leads them into a dead-end. There remains no way for these dark ones to resolve their ever-deepening dilemma.

Meanwhile, the world their ancestors built proceeds to crumble around them. We continually draw their attention to the new economic and political reality that is starting to manifest before them. Truly, their only hope is to surrender and place themselves at the mercy of the Ascended Masters’ sacred secret societies, in whose keeping they can confess and seek the inner remorse that can provide the relief each one of them so dearly seeks.”

These Fallen Angels sorry, Ascended Masters are really good, they even want the bad guys to confess and seek inner remorse, how nice of them, they even point out how nice of them it was in the next sentence

“This course of action is also truly compassionate considering what they have perpetrated on humanity.”

yes very forgiving fallen angels, indeed. they have just lied, and made you think they are opposed to the real evil that works in our world, when they are the source of the evil that is in the world, and then lied again and made you believe they are compassionate beings by giving them the opportunity to change their wicked ways and turn to good, like the beings are light are good… its a whole deceptive philosophy they take the victim into, like a spider when it has a fly in a web, its gonna get harder and harder to get out once your in. 

They warn however if these evil people (who are really controlled by them) are not to change their ways, they will be forced to come and make the world a better place themselves 

“But the cabal seems frozen in its tracks and unwilling to compromise with the inevitable… Soon a great fall is to overtake the dark”

They are coming to sort out this place, and what is it their going to do exactly? they explain it… and just to mention here, when TGFC first began contacting humans, their message was always they were going to come to guide humanity through a time of great turmoil (tribulation), however just as recent as late 2012 early 2013 they have began defining what is coming, and literally what they are telling us in these writings is telling us what the Book of Revelation lays out in the final 7 years of tribulation.

They now explain 

a formal disclosure will permit us to interact directly with you. In a series of truly astounding broadcasts the very foundation of your reality will be first shaken and then reduced to rubble!

“along with that, the release of a lot of previously unknown facts that are to become common knowledge. Humanity, unavoidably, will be outraged by some of the content of this sudden flood of startling information, the nature of which will be so appalling that it will successfully prevent any inclination to return to the old, callous ways of the dark and allow the new realities to be welcomed in.”

A formal direct disclosure with you.. in a series of astounding broadcasts, another message i saw channeled confirmed every human will have a spirit being assigned to them personally.. this is going to be a deception like nothing you can imagine!

Can you feel the deception? “a lot of previously unknown facts that are to become common knowledge” .. like the fact, these beings created us, we misunderstood what the real Jesus said, and now were here to give you godhood, like the serpent promised eve, and look how that turned out.

successfully prevent any inclination to return to the old, callous ways of the dark

that’s the old silly belief that Jesus Christ was 100% Human 100% God in the Flesh and he came to pay the price for the sins of every single human being… they will prevent us from going back to that belief.. “and allow the new realities to be welcomed in.”

it goes on..

The power of the few will end and prosperity for all will wash over the planet.

Christians will no longer have power, Christians will have been raptured, but warnings like this, will have reached people, and when this comes to pass, people will be saved, its those Christians who get saved after all this comes, that will have to resist these beings, and it will start to get messy when you resist your guides, they will appear with all peace at first most likely, but half way, your told to transform or die. 

These beings are warned of in Gods word,

“whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders” – 2 Thessalonians 2:9
“Our appearance alone is to shatter your core beliefs about yourselves, namely, that you are alone and unique in the universe.”

sounds like they are going to come with POWER, SIGNS, and a lot of LYING WONDERS, as were told they would.

there relying on people having no historical or biblical knowledge about these fallen angel beings, then they can present the lie presented in every kind of film about aliens… “little creatures that exist somewhere else in the galaxy” 

it ties in with evolution, ending with us evolving into “gods” ..

“they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” – 2 Thessalonians 2:12
there is going to be pleasure in what they bring, it will bring pleasure, whatever it is they are bringing it IS UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, but for the human, it will bring a great amount of pleasure.. sex outside of marriage is an abomination to God but its a great pleasure in the eyes of many men, this deception will be alike, abomination to God, defiling your temple and your soul, but it will tickle your taste buds the right way.. so we will seek after it rather than the truth of Christ.

“All your histories, the tales of your origins (religious and anthropological), and your self-perception are to be changed forever. In one grand swoop your long romance with limited consciousness ends!”

clearly telling us our ideas about Jesus Christ are going to have to change!  and also a tasty gem, “limited conciousness” that sounds second best, or constrained… greater pleasure could be attained (through unrighteous methods) by giving us a full conciousness.

“Waiting for you with open arms is the embrace of full consciousness. Our mentors intend to provide you with a thorough understanding of what this divine state implies.”

there bringing us to FULL CONCIOUSNESS… this is the pleasure in unrighteousness! when they come there taking us on that road to destruction.. and this is honestly chilling.

what I believe this being is describing next is the device that will be used to execute the souls of billions, and change them into Fallen Creatures, and give them the mark of the beast.

“Their teachings are part of the last leg of the journey which culminates in your individual Light Chambers and the crowning transformation of your Beingness into a fully conscious Being of Light.”

The “Light Chambers” it spoke of, i believe will be the mark of the beast, that transforms the person from human, to “beast” or as they call it, “fully conscious being of light” 

“Each of us, at one time or another, proved able to ascend into our full spiritual and physical potential, and this ascension ceremony is to be provided for you when you begin your own sacred ritual in your personal Light Chamber. This blessed ceremony is to give you access to wonders and abilities that have been denied you since your ancestors’ fall in Atlantis some 13 millennia ago.”

All of these beings ascended to godhood differently, it was apparently harder for them in their completely made up lie lol however we find truth in it because we know the high tech civilization of Atlantis that was buried under the flood of water, was another super high tech place of living for the fallen angels and Nephelim beings before the flood, they had super technology, they were mixing the seed, this is what was happening in the days of Noah, because Atlantis final judgement came with the flood water, and Jesus said as it was in those days so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man, i find it startling that they are saying we are going to be like what it was like back in that day? 

there basically verifying, as it was in the days of Atlantis, so shall it be when we (the Fallen Angels) return… 

and this “Light Chamber” they use capital letters when referring to it, i think there telling us this will be the thing that changes people to beasts, this will be the implementation device of the mark of the beast.

“The Light Chamber eclipses the necessity for many generations of intense spiritual focus, which all of us Ascended Masters were required to undertake, and is being allowed only by a most special, divine dispensation.”

they are claiming it was real hard work for these guys to get to “godhood”, but they have an easy way, just get in this special 666 light chamber and be transformed its that simple… i find this next information interesting but don’t know what to do with it, it tells us we will be in these Light Chambers being transformed for 3 days… 

“In the short space of three days, you are being permitted to forgo reams of special prayers and practices that were our supreme taskmasters.”

these next words are again chilling, this is the mark of the beast altering your DNA

“During this short period, you will be infused with a Light that unzips all the biological elements imposed by the dark on your ancestors, and your forgotten memories and vast creative abilities are to be ‘plugged back in.’”

you will be INFUSED, with LIGHT, that unzips biological elements, and then switches and replaces it with something else… it then tells us

“Your responsibility is to use this potential to reactivate your grand status as a full-fledged physical Angel.”

Correction* Full-Fledged Nephelim-Hybrid, and impending doom, your basically giving away your only hope at eternal happiness, comfort and life… Jesus has it all and he is the only way your getting it, these guys are offering cheap, fraudulent lies of the TRUE promises of God… if you go for the fake your gonna regret it in the end and wish you just took the real deal.

You will have our assistance during your post-Light Chamber training, and once this is finished you will require a lot of information concerning the setting-up of your galactic society. Here you will be assisted primarily by the Agarthans and by each of us.”

and now you see the lies they are telling their victims, they are saying once you do this, you will be trained then be sent to rule over a star system of your own.. this is a mimic of the promise God has for all believers to rule and reign in the new heavens and new earth… there lie wont really come true, Gods plan for his children will.

These beings are channelling messages like these, throughout the world, getting more and more detailed every day that goes by.. one other thing mentioned in this channelling was

As you move through the coming days, know that you are experiencing the final moments of your time in limited consciousness. Take these moments to reassess who you are, consider what you have accomplished, and what you feel you are here to do. Take this personal vision and prepare for it to be enhanced by the information your mentor brings you.”

they warn us this is the final hours, they are coming and these “mentors” are coming for us all, ready to “enhance” us..


Now Jesus gave us a good warning about these things, he told you if you don’t accept him as the Saviour of your soul, you will accept another..

“I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.” – John 5:43
when these fallen beings come, they will come in their own name, and it wont be long before your directed to worship the Antichrist.

“And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:” – Revelation 13:15-16
it seems that after you get out the light chamber, you wont be ruling some far off star galaxy as you were promised, it seems like you will be tagged by Satan himself and under the authority, as well as being “enhanced”

That is all the information taken from one message from 28th May 2013, i have more of these messages to go through and take apart everything the enemy is revealing in detail about his coming plan, and tying it in with what the scripture makes plain as well.

Please share this information with everybody, this deception will take every single person who has not had a warning, and WE NEED TO TELL THEM, in Jesus name share this info and God Bless all who read this. 

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