It’s like they were responding to me directly. I didn’t know they took such exception to being called “Qanon” instead of just “Q”. LOL. And No. I don’t actually think any of them read my posts.

Anyone who comes running up to me to say, “see, I told you so about Q”, can kindly muck off (I’ve been working on the swearing). Posts like the following for example are just flat wrong and WAY off-base and totally mischaracterize the movement. Seriously, what are they even talking about?

Don’t get it twisted liberal idiots. I am NOT your friend because I am suddenly no longer on board with Q. There are a ton of great things about the whole operation. I wish I hadn’t uncovered what I have about their true dark esoteric agenda or else I’d still be supporting them. None of you God-hating leftists forewarned anybody about a damn thing. You’ve hated Q because you hate Conservatives. You’ve hated Q because of your raging blind unwarranted hatred that you have for the orange man. You’ve hated Q from the get go and for all the wrong reasons and continue to hate Q and their supporters for all the wrong reasons. So you can take your sack of deranged secular hatred for Q and for whites and for Christians and God in general and take it far far from here. Go run back into the confines of your post-modern safe space echo chamber. I don’t want to hear from you. You have nothing useful to say. You bring nothing to the table except for your propensity to piss me off.

If Q hadn’t exposed themselves as the Godless Occultists & Jesus salnderers they truly are, I’d still be a huge supporter. In fact, in a political sense, I am still a Trump supporter. I have to be. The DemonRats are that ass-backwards. I am not about to get on board with your post-modern lunacy. I don’t play that crap. Bounce.

I have been calling Q out for what I, and many others see as a ploy to dupe a large sect of luke-warm Christians and those impervious to religion or spiritual awareness of any kind to begin with, into following dark esoteric forces. Forces that their followers are unaware of and leaders who they look up to and unwittingly believe to be the benevolent saviors that I do not believe they are. Q is achieving this deception by bringing all sorts of harrowing dark truths “out into the light”. Only, I believe they plan on following up these revelations with a huge lie in the end. They’ve been stringing along their wide-eyed followers, diverting attention from the CoronaCon, and forcing one down a path that will eventually instigate the death of their loyalty to God. Replacing it with transhumanist, humancentric and ultimately Godless philosophies.

Trump is obviously an Occultist and Qs freakin motto for God’s sake is literally the mantra of Satan and the Fallen Angels(Legion) that they all chanted together after being thrown out of heaven and landed atop mount Hermon.(SEE: The Book of Enoch).

So if your a left leaning secular savage, you have NO ground to stand on when attempting to disparage Q. Furthermore, I also don’t think Q is lying either, like most of you deranged libtards like to assert by calling them out as nothing more than a LARP. I very much believe that the annihilation of these evil Satanic pedophiles is in fact occurring. I just don’t believe in the self professed benevolence of those doing the annihilating. I think it’s more accurately characterized as one group of Serpent Seed Occultists wiping out another group of rival Serpent Seed Occultists and Q & Big T are using the entire event as a scheme to paint themselves as the selfless heros that they’re not. While at the same time helping to usher in this new “false golden age” with a heavy transhumanist inspired theme and a fresh bounty of St. Germaine cash to dole out to everyone while they fawn over their freshly appointed charismatic young Anti-Christ world leader who will likely be JFK Jr. Leading to the inevitable loss of one’s soul as these bedazzled followers are mesmerized by all that has transpired and end up falling head over heels for the ploy, straight into the recently-opened Abyss. Its brilliant. That’s why it’s called “the Great Deception”. Most will be deceived. But not all. Definitely not me at least. Unless I’m being deceived right now by thinking this. But I don’t think so.