The elites are looking at each other right now and saying, “ok… no worries, this was inevitable. Now to the 2nd phase of our insideous esoteric agenda…”. I really don’t want to see what “Phase 2” is. God help us.

This press conference alone should be enough to put an end to the Scamdemic right away, but it won’t. The media is used to lying through their teeth, so most won’t even be phased. Not even slightly. Not even a little little bit. They won’t even budge. Their hatred of the Orange Man runs THAT deep. No one is actually ever able to articulate to you why they hate the man. But they were told that they must and are punished by the liberal gestapo if they fail to. That’s the real Pandemic. “Orange Man Bad” / “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. There’s no cure or recourse for that. They are lost I’m afraid. We might need to start euthanizing.

I’ve completely written off all these Covidiots and Mask-Nazi Karens & Kens as completely brain dead by now. Clinically BRAIN DEAD. Much of the inexplicable behavior we are seeing is likely due to the fact that a huge chunk of these people aren’t actually human, but programmable synthetics or mind control victims. They HAVE to be. That’s the only thing that keeps me from completely losing it sometimes. By telling myself that they are machines.

I hope this doesn’t mean “The Black Awakening” is right around the corner.

Originally tweeted by Adrenogate (@adrenogate) on October 16, 2020.